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New forum and site look and navigation!

So, you regular forum users, what do you think of the new integration of the forums with the rest of the site?! This will be a big motivation for us to add and update more content, now that you can so easily move back and forth between forum and content.

Don’t forget to notice that once you are logged in, you can pull down all the menus, including "Welcome <Joe>" on the right to see your Private Messages and User Control Panel.

Enjoy and feel free to add comments and suggestions here – and drop a note of thanks to our awesome webmaster and integrator: sadan@biblicalfamilies.org

And BTW, it looks best in Chrome, Firefox, or IE9(Beta) – like most sites. (Why would you use IE 7/8? If you are on Vista or Win7, you can get IE9 here: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/)


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Feeling like a Bozo

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well and ready to roll into the next month.

Well, I feel like a bozo. I "met"a guy on another site. We emailed and then ended up talking on the phone. Suddenly poof. I kinda thought he was an ok guy. The site I met him on was supposed to screen people.

A little disappointed.



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Site Description: Christianity forum

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Im here… Im new :)

Hi everyone! I am a second wife and new to this site..My husband has been a member for a while now.. Im (we’re) relatively new to PM and it’s not something u can just ask anyone advice about, most people don’t believe or just don’t understand it..So i welcome any and all advice u have for me! The more i get the better a wife i can be to my husband :)


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Site Description: Christianity forum

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Thank you…

It seems easy for me to get wrapped up in the topics posted at this site and post my own topics…I have learned a great deal, and been pointed to links that have educated me considerably as well as made many new friends here.

After posting my last topic I stopped for a moment and realized I had not thanked the individuals that put this site together and made all this possible. So I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in making this site what it is, and to all of those that have contributed to my "education".



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Site Description: Christianity forum

Category: [category]Religion[/category]



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