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New forum and site look and navigation!

So, you regular forum users, what do you think of the new integration of the forums with the rest of the site?! This will be a big motivation for us to add and update more content, now that you can so easily move back and forth between forum and content.

Don’t forget to notice that once you are logged in, you can pull down all the menus, including "Welcome <Joe>" on the right to see your Private Messages and User Control Panel.

Enjoy and feel free to add comments and suggestions here – and drop a note of thanks to our awesome webmaster and integrator: sadan@biblicalfamilies.org

And BTW, it looks best in Chrome, Firefox, or IE9(Beta) – like most sites. (Why would you use IE 7/8? If you are on Vista or Win7, you can get IE9 here: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/)


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new to this idea and forum

Hello.My husband and I are believers in Yahshua and we follow Torah. We have come to understand that polygany is a wonderful thing. We have only personally known 1 poly-family. Before knowing them we had not given it much thought at all. When we came to understand Matthew 5:17-19 we realized that there were many things in our faith and beliefs that needed re-evaluated, studied out and prayed about. Accepting that PM is an option was pretty easy, I really thought that my husband would never actually consider it though. After living in community for 6 months with our PM friends we began asking YHVH if this might be an option for our own family. I have been quite excited for this… We have been praying for discernment regarding who- and now we are waiting to see what happens with a particular situation while we keep our hearts open to His leading. I am deeply desiring for YHVH to bless our family with a Torah obedient woman that can enjoy homeschooling and self-sufficient living while we all work together to build up a home that is pleasing to YHVH and filled with love and unity.
I am enjoying this site.
AG from Idaho


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would love to start a recipe exchange part of the forum…

Hi all,
I know there are recipes here and there throughout different areas of the forums, but I would love it if we could start an actual part of the forums for recipes with perhaps different threads for appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc.. I would do this myself, but unsure how and if I can start a new part of the forum myself? Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else? If so how do we go about starting this?
:) Kacy


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Marriage papers

Like many on this forum, I despise the current marriage systems of the world. I don’t like the idea of being "married by" someone, as that would be as if I was agreeing that he had authority to do so, and that his actions meant anything in relation to the marriage itself. I also don’t believe that the governments of this world have any right to grant or prohibit marriage, whether to one wife or one thousand. I do not wish to honor their prohibition of marriage… what is known as a doctrine of demons.

However, I also have the issue of being in an area that doesn’t acknowledge marriage except by civil authorities. Having kids without such can mean that hospitals will abort the pregnancy in some of these countries, as no one recognizes the marriage and thus consider it evil. There is also the issue of visas and such. The question is, how can an American have something accepted as stating that there is a marriage, without going through the marriage license system?


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