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I hate doing these. It is like selling yourself. LOL.
My name is AL and my wonderful wife of 10 years is Ellen. We met online in a chat room and married about a month after we met in chat. We met face to face for the first an hour before our wedding. We have 2 wonderful children ages 3 and 9. My wife came to me years ago about Polygamy said God had called us to it. I rejected that notion quickly but agreed to pray and seek God. I knew in my heart that seeking God I would prove her wrong. Wow was I shocked when I found God had truly called His people to walk in this. We have been rejected by friends and family for our belief in Godly bible based polygamy. MY wife and I have a large age difference but we know God chose us to be man and wife. After all age is just a number. I am 53 and my wife is 29. We would love to find a sisterwife that is Godly but not caught up in religious trappings. WE are open to a woman with children and a woman aged 25-45. But also a woman older or younger if God so desires. We have a ministry that we would like her to be a part of. We are not part of any denomination and mostly shun the church world. We were told we werent welcome at a church because we are an inter racial couple. If you would like to know more about us or our walk with the Lord feel free to ask.


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