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What Did Your World Leader Do Today?

Did they?
A. Dance With Midgets?
B. Race in a Formula 1 Race and highly dangerous speeds?


Just in case the picture does not work


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Sabbath keepers or seekers only…

I don’t want to argue the Sabbath, if you don’t follow it don’t respond. This research is for anyone interested in learning more about the history of the Sabbath in the world. Most people groups have a story of the great worldwide flood. I thought that if the Sabbath was for "man", that "man" would have a record of keeping it in history. The chart shows the 160 languages that have their seventh day called "sabbath" in their native tongue. Think on the ramifications of this.

When the world has the seasons for the years, and the lunar cycles for the months, we see the reasons for the unity in how this is determined in different people groups. The question becomes

"Where does the unity of the seven day week come from? Where are the people groups that have a two, five, or ten day week?

Just like adultery was a death punishable sin before Mosaic Law, the Sabbath was for man from creation, and is witnessed by the peoples of the world as shown in this chart entitled:

160 languages that declare the Sabbath.

Showing the unchanged order of the days and true position of the Sabbath, as proved by the combined testimony of Ancient and Modern Languages – By Rev William Mead Jones D.D

This is a scan of the original work from the author.

This is an updated version.

I thought that this was really interesting.


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Generosity VS Greed

As a father, pastor and former missionary, I have come up with the following observation: Sinfulness comes naturally. We did not have to teach our children to be selfish, self-centered or self-indulgent. Maybe their first word was “dada”, but their favorite word is “mine”!

Possession is very important when children are young since their world is transitioning from a “relationship world” (infants) to a “things world” (toddlers). Some people stay stuck in a “things world” (with bigger and better toys). Others mature to the “experiences world” (pre-teens/teens). Some get stuck here as well and live from one “experience” to the next. Hopefully we mature back to a “relationship world”. A time in our life when good relationships make us the most happy and broken relationships make us the most sad.

For those living in the “things world” GREED is as natural as breathing. As people age they learn to hide their greed a little better. “It’s mine”, develops into “I won it” or “I bought it”. The underlying attitude is “I deserve it”.

Funny thing about greed, the more you feed it, the bigger it gets. It is similar to ungratefulness. The more you enable ungratefulness, the worse it gets. Most of us have experienced helping a greedy person. The more you give the more they want. When you finally have to say “no”, they slime you with guilt and anger! Greed and ungratefulness go hand in hand. I wonder, which one comes first? I’m not sure, but it seems as if gratefulness is the cure to greediness AND the door to generosity.

What is so important about generosity? Well for Christians, their God is generous and they have a calling to be conformed into the image of Christ. Speaking of, our example on the earth was so generous, He was willing to give his life as a ransom for our sin. He has given us eternal life when all we deserved was judgment. The thought of that provokes gratitude. It also provokes action – mercy, justice, grace and love. But isn’t that what generosity embodies? … mercy, ju…


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Marriage papers

Like many on this forum, I despise the current marriage systems of the world. I don’t like the idea of being "married by" someone, as that would be as if I was agreeing that he had authority to do so, and that his actions meant anything in relation to the marriage itself. I also don’t believe that the governments of this world have any right to grant or prohibit marriage, whether to one wife or one thousand. I do not wish to honor their prohibition of marriage… what is known as a doctrine of demons.

However, I also have the issue of being in an area that doesn’t acknowledge marriage except by civil authorities. Having kids without such can mean that hospitals will abort the pregnancy in some of these countries, as no one recognizes the marriage and thus consider it evil. There is also the issue of visas and such. The question is, how can an American have something accepted as stating that there is a marriage, without going through the marriage license system?


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