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My Husband Will Not Work

I had a woman forward this question to me on Facebook. I would like to hear your advice and responses:

I know what the Bible says about men who do not work-provide for their family, but not sure what scripture says about the spouse and what they are to do in that situation. My husband does not work or is willing to work. He has reversed our roles in our household, not by my choice but by his actions. What am I supposed to do? What are my options Biblically?



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Possible Fall retreat ????

Nathan wrote in another post:
"- with nothing on the schedule on the East Coast for the rest of this year, we’re already thinking that won’t work: too many of us will need our fix before then! We had a quick discussion about meeting in the fall (how does weekend after Thanksgiving work for folks? Done with family at that point?), and perhaps a new location, say… central Alabama? Drop me an email or PM with your thoughts."

If this means the first weekend in December ( Dec 3-5 ) then Chaplains Rose and I would be all for it. Central Alabama would be doable for us, say at a camp ground as y’all have been doing the past few retreats. Heck, I would even be willing to help cook meals ( seeing as how I like to cook ) as well as bring all the makings to make a LARGE pot of REAL Cajun gumbo for everybody.


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