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i need advise

My wife of 38 year died from cancer in September. I have been through the grief process and have accepted the reality of the situation. I’m not sure when i should start dateing again. frankly I have met a lot of women that seem ready to go out. Is there a period of time that is acceptable to most people or should it matter? I have a lot of things to share with the right women as my wives. First of all if I am going to go poly how do I meet like minded women. I don’t want to new children,if they have kids fine with me.
Where are these retreats and are they designed to meet of are they for existing families?


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Titus 2

But as for you (Titus, pastors):

  • communicate the behavior that goes with sound teaching

Older men are to be:

  1. temperate
  2. dignified
  3. self-controlled
  4. sound in faith
  5. sound in love
  6. sound in endurance

Older women, likewise, are to:

  1. exhibit behavior fitting for those who are holy
  2. not slandering
  3. not slaves to excessive drinking
  4. teach what is good

Meaning of the word "train" in the following:

the NET Bible note on this word wrote:This verb, σωφρονίζω (swfronizw), denotes teaching in the sense of bringing people to their senses, showing what sound thinking is.

Thus, the opposite of these things is not sound thinking and those that don’t do them are out of their senses.

In this way they will:

  1. train the younger women to love their husbands
  2. train the younger women to love their children
  3. train the younger women to be self-controlled
  4. train the younger women to be pure
  5. train the younger women to fulfill their duties at home
    • oikouros
      Strongs #3626
      • Definition
        1. caring for the house, working at home
        2. the (watch or) keeper of the house
        3. keeping at home and taking care of household affairs
        4. a domestic
        • Meaning
          1. train the younger women to care for the house and work at home
          2. train the younger women to be keepers of their house
          3. train the younger women to keep at home and take care of household affairs
          4. train the younger women to be domestics
      • train the younger women to be kind
      • train the younger women to be subject to their own husbands
        • hupotasso
          Strongs #5293
          • Definition
            1. to arrange under, to subordinate
            2. to subject, put in subjection
            3. to subject one’s self, obey
            4. to submit to one’s control
            5. to yield to one’s admonition or advice
            6. to obey, be subject
            7. A Greek military term meaning "to arrange [troop divisions] in a military fashion under the command of a leader."
            8. In non-military use, it was: "a voluntary attitude of giving in, cooperating, assuming responsibility, and carrying a burden."
            • Meaning
              1. train the younger women to arrange themselves under and be subordinate to their own husbands
              2. train the younger women to put themselves


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          How About a New Titus 2 Study?

          Greetings & Blessings Sisters in Christ,

          Just popping in to say Hello, how do ya do and whats new with everyone? Not allot of chatting going on these days here. But I do know that the end of the school year, weather our kiddos are home schooled or in the public/private school systems,that it is a busy season for families. So anywho! Not sure if you’ve been following the topic on the forums here regarding the subject of the Titus 2 study or not. However, Edward the Elder, Beta, Fairlight and others had shared some great Godly insights on the matter. Very good and thought provoking shared thoughts to say the least. I know that Yashua has been dealing with me on the very issues discussed/taught in Titus 2 for some time. As I’ve shared many times before, neither my dh nor myself were raised in Godly/Christian homes. And although my dh and I have been together for 17yrs now, just over the past 2 and a half yrs now I’ve been led of God to study and apply biblical balanced submission & obedience unto my dh. So thankful to finally have found these truths to be so life changing and such a blessing in our marriage! :) I truly enjoy serving and blessing my dh and family, and continue to seek Yashuas help and guidence in this area.

          I just love getting my hands on as many biblical/encouraging studies on submission that I can find. As I also enjoy finding new ways to submit to, serve, love on and bless my dh more with each passing day! :) Am I perfect at this calling, No Way, nor will I ever be! Do I make mistakes and lash out or rebel against my dh’s authority? You bet I do, as I’m (we’re all) simple sinful fallen humans! Since applying this study of biblical balanced submission, which most churches gloss over or don’t even address in their women’s bible studies or sermons, our marriage has been blessed with new found love & joy. And with that comes a new found sense of humility & the ability to confess and repent both to Yashua and my dh for any di…


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          If Polygamy benefits men and harms women. . .

          If Polygamy benefits men and harms women, as is commonly assumed, why do predominantly male legislatures prohibit it? (this is a blog article….see link below)

          Many people believe that consenting adults should be free to do as they please, provided they do not cause unacceptable harm to others. The difficult question, of course, is what constitutes unacceptable harm.The traditional argument against plural marriage is that it harms women, particularly young girls who may be coerced into such marriages. It is easy to see how some of these women may be harmed. In a monogamous world, for example, Barb’s first choice might have been to marry Bill, who would also have chosen to marry her.But with plural marriage permissible, Bill might prefer to marry not just Barb but also Nicki and Margene. Barb would then have to choose between two lesser outcomes: a continued search for a monogamous partner or a plural marriage not to her liking. The mere fact that allowing plural marriage may eliminate attractive options for some women does not imply that it imposes unacceptable harm on women generally. Suppose, for example, that if polygamy were legal, 10 percent of adult men would take an average of three wives apiece and all remaining marriages would be monogamous. Among aspiring monogamists, there would then be nine men for every seven women. With an excess of men in the informal market for monogamous partners, the terms of exchange would shift in favor of women. Wives would change fewer diapers, and their parents might even escape paying for weddings. In short, the logic of supply and demand turns the conventional wisdom about plural marriage on its head. If the arrangement harms anyone, the more likely victims are men, not women.

          This conclusion is reinforced if we take account of the costly, and mutually offsetting, jockeying for position associated with men’s attempts to win the attention of scarce women.With women in chronically short supply, men would face even more intense…


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          Is it okay to use emotions as a primary means to witness?

          I was watching this show on EWTN and there was this group of people that spent money researching how to get women not to choose to get abortions.

          And they explained that getting women to intellectually realize that abortions are murder was usually ineffective.

          So they decided to research how to use videos that worked on an emotional level, to get women to decide not to get abortions, more subtly instead of directly.

          (If I remember correctly they gave examples like a woman fire fighter rescuing a baby from a burning building, was a video they used near the time of September 11)

          If I remember correctly they would show the videos and than poll women about their beliefs about abortion or how willing they would be to get an abortion if they were to get pregnant (or something like that), after watching the videos.

          They said that an emotional approach appeared to be more effective to reach to women than an intellectual approach, based on the results.

          So that people do not accuse me of being sexist I would like to point out that I am not trying to stereotype all women, by blindly claiming that all or most women behave the same way as the women who I have known a significant amount of time. Also it is fact that men and women are different, so it is okay to discuss that men and women might be different.

          Throughout my life, I have noticed that if people use emotions as a primary means to try to determine truth and morality and as a means to make decisions it can have very disastrous results.

          I also noticed that most women (who I have interviewed about how they make their religious decisions and known a long enough amount of time) seem to make their religious decisions primarily on emotions

          I noticed that most men who make their religious decisions primarily on emotions tend to go down a bad path.

          It seems that if I try to explain the truth to a man intellectually it sometimes works fine, but if I try to explain the truth to a woman intellectually, they tend to have a negative response…


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          Help me understand…please

          I have questions if anyone would care to answer. If you, the men and women here, would please take time to answer…I am most certain more than just me will grasp a new understanding of this alternative way of life. I mean no disrespect in any form or fashion but the questions I have I am most certain crosses the mind of any monogamous person considering accepting this kind of arrangement into their lives and the lives of their children. If you read my questions and at any time find yourself offended, please look at my ignorance as a product of our current society and narrow mindedness and help me and others who find themselves at this cross-road understand. I am truly sincere and would like to hear from both the men and women and perhaps young adults who were raised in this environment.. Please, lets begin. I met a man who did not reveal he was married in the beginning of the relationship. When I met him I knew he was very possible the man I had waited my whole life for and I fell in love with him. I do not know how long it would have taken him to finally tell me, as he referred to her as ex-wife, but I listened to the things he said and I commented one day "youre still married to that woman arent you?" he confessed he was And that he had lied about his age too. I was totally set back by the fact he was married and felt an extreme amount of sick guilt for loving him as much as I did. He began to give me bits and pieces of their relationship and how much is true I still really dont know BUT he did tune me into this site to read about how this all works. I have become fascinated by all of this but the problems I have understanding fall into the category of whats right and whats fair. His way seemed not quite right to me. I have been on my own since I was a kid. I have a fantastic job that pays well enough that I have no debt. I buy my own vehicles and pay for them, I own my own home, I provide everything for my one child with no help whatsoever. Now, back t…


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          Single Ladies…

          "Where single women are rare, women marry earlier, researchers reported Aug. 4 in the journal Evolutionary Psychology. The shift may be because the ladies have more men to choose from, while the men have extra motivation to put a ring on it."

          http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39231835/ns … -behavior/

          Should society ever embrace polygyny they will realize that women will always have all the men to choose from… : )

          How much you want to bet they never thought of that!?


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