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I wanna be a Holy Janitor!

*** Warning — Light-hearted Theology Ahead ***

Was talking with one of our members who jokingly mentioned being a church janitor, and gave as a light-hearted reference that she was good, as a child, at collecting the ice-cream wrappers from under the pews. (Wrap your head around THAT one!)

Of course, being me, and decidedly (or delightfully, your choice) WEIRD, that got me thinking …

The kingdom of Heaven is an upside down kingdom. Wanna be great? Be the servant of all. Wanna save your life? Die to self. The wisdom of man is foolishness with God, and vice versa.

So, perhaps the function of a church janitor oughta be to bring IN the (human) trash — the lame, the blind, the clueless, the addicts and hos and drunks and wounded / discarded of every stripe, and bring ’em to Jesus for healing.

I wanna be a Holy Janitor!

** End of CecilSermon ** :lol:


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So I wanna be a pacifist, but it doesn’t come easy. I think I have a handle on it, and then I have these kinda conversations, and I just wanna kill a man (yes rage against the machine starts playing in my head)
This is a conversation about some girls that were recently rescued from some sex exploitation
the asked her to treat Dees STD what must she do and tried to tell them and started crying
how old is dee?
had it maybe 4 years
treated the last 3 years
argh, some of the things you tell me make me so sad :(😦
which std is it?
herpies in her rectum
ate through the wall
ug stop
I can’t know more
but stopped now
I really work at being a pacifist
but things like that…..well I’d be a lapsed pacifist

So how do we pray for our enemies, turn the other cheek, humble ourselves to them, and seek only good for them, when they are monsters of this caliber?


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