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Growing Together: What is a marriage supposed to look like?

A while back, I had asked what the purpose of marriage is. I guess I am doing a lot of searching within myself lately. Feeling called to Marriage and Family Therapy, gives me a drive to really grasp a deep understanding of things within my own marriage. So, now I propose a question that might seem similar to my last question. What should a marriage look like? I guess I am not asking this in a general way. But I am asking it as is relates to my own marriage.

I know the callings that God has placed on my life. My husband also knows the callings that God has places on his life. As a woman, I know that it is OK to move forward as long as I am not walking from under my husbands covering and going in another direction from my family.

I guess I want to know, if it’s normal for a married couple to be called to two different things. (These things don’t clash with each other. And we support each others callings. They may even merge together one day.) Or should a husband and wife be called to work on the same things together. I feel kind of bad b/c I feel like I get in my husbands way, and drag him down if I try to get too involved in what he is doing. But if I keep my distance, I feel a bit disconnected and maybe he feels like I am not being encouraging or supportive. Basically, I am trying to find the healthy balance of living my own life as an individual and walking out the callings God has for me; while not completely growing apart from my husband and merely becoming his roommate in passing.

I don’t want to be selfish. I would never put anything before my family. But I do want to fully walk out the call that God has on my life without neglecting to be a good help-meet to my husband. I read about the virtuous woman in proverbs 31. She seemed to adore her husband. She seemed to be submissive. Yet she worked very independently from him as she ran the household, did her own business interactions with merchants and made purchases. I am sure she did this under the watchful eye o…


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Living Together or Separate?

I know this topic has been discussed here and there, but I’d like to hear from those actually living PM to share what you think the benefits and downsides are to living together or wives living separately (depending which applies to you).

Hubby has the "why can’t we all just get along?" attitude and I think we all do get along, but there are various stresses to all living together especially with a bunch of small children and I’m just wondering what others have found regarding which works better for your family and why. I know of at least one family on here where the wives live separately, but from what I’m told, the plan is to all be together eventually. Did you ever all live together?

I’ll just leave it at that and wait to hear from everyone.


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"Let no man put asunder" etc

I wish to propose an alternative take on the verse which goes more or less as follows: "Whom God hath brouht together, let no man put asunder". Usually this is taken to be a prohibition of divorce. But the first half of it suggests more. "Who God hath brought together…" God, it seems, acts as a kind of matchmaker, arranging circumstances in such a way that we get to meet our ideal partner. If we let Him, that is. This reminds me of a jewish story about a n old and wise rabbi, and his young disciple. The younger man was a bit of a puritan. He asked the master, of all the things God does, what is it that gives Him most satisfaction? The rabbi answered straightaway "Acting as matchmaker, bringing man and woman together." The young man was horrified. "God would never soil his hands with such activity, surely? The older man smiled, and said, "If you understand this, wou will understand the whole of Torah".

Of course it cannot be said that all couples were brought together by God. If you pick up a girl at a night club, get her pregnant, and then marry her, was it God Who brought you together? At a nightclub? So the prohibition on separation and divorce presumably wd not apply here. But then, perhaps God would not approve of your going to nightclubs in the first place.



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