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How About a New Titus 2 Study?

Greetings & Blessings Sisters in Christ,

Just popping in to say Hello, how do ya do and whats new with everyone? Not allot of chatting going on these days here. But I do know that the end of the school year, weather our kiddos are home schooled or in the public/private school systems,that it is a busy season for families. So anywho! Not sure if you’ve been following the topic on the forums here regarding the subject of the Titus 2 study or not. However, Edward the Elder, Beta, Fairlight and others had shared some great Godly insights on the matter. Very good and thought provoking shared thoughts to say the least. I know that Yashua has been dealing with me on the very issues discussed/taught in Titus 2 for some time. As I’ve shared many times before, neither my dh nor myself were raised in Godly/Christian homes. And although my dh and I have been together for 17yrs now, just over the past 2 and a half yrs now I’ve been led of God to study and apply biblical balanced submission & obedience unto my dh. So thankful to finally have found these truths to be so life changing and such a blessing in our marriage! :) I truly enjoy serving and blessing my dh and family, and continue to seek Yashuas help and guidence in this area.

I just love getting my hands on as many biblical/encouraging studies on submission that I can find. As I also enjoy finding new ways to submit to, serve, love on and bless my dh more with each passing day! :) Am I perfect at this calling, No Way, nor will I ever be! Do I make mistakes and lash out or rebel against my dh’s authority? You bet I do, as I’m (we’re all) simple sinful fallen humans! Since applying this study of biblical balanced submission, which most churches gloss over or don’t even address in their women’s bible studies or sermons, our marriage has been blessed with new found love & joy. And with that comes a new found sense of humility & the ability to confess and repent both to Yashua and my dh for any di…


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Any Interest in a Titus 2 study?

Greetings & Blessings!

Just wondering if any of you lovely sisters in Christ have had a chance to read my post/request here in the Ladies only section of a study on Titus 2? Any thoughts, any interest or book suggestions for a topical study on Titus 2? Looking forward to some type of feedback from someone. Lutherangirl, Beta, JulieB, Kelly Deann, Deann, anyone? :) ;) This study could be such "an eye opener for God’s Holy will & Blessings for us women of the faith!" Go forth in His Name, Might, Power, Love & a Sound Mind!

Warm Wishes,
F.S. :)


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