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a sign of coming problems (humor)

ok, time for some amusement.
this is a take-off of the "you know that you are a red-neck if…"

you know know that the relationship is headed for problems if;

when you meet for the first time at the coffee shop and he brings his mother.

when you meet for the first time and she brings her lawer.

when you have been dating for 6 months and he tells you that his birth name was sarah

when you have a great first date in an expensive french restaurant. you are thinking that this may be mr right, and then he asks to borrow $30 gas money to last him until next friday when he gets paid.

how many can you think of?
true ones are grist for the mill also, they can always be prefaced with "this happened to a friend of mine….." :D


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Our Polygamy Story

Hello All,

Recently my first wife and I have come into the knowledge that polygamy is not a sin and have in fact been called to it. Here is a condensed version of hte journey that the Lord has taken us on.

My wife and I grew up in two small neighboring towns. We attended the same church throughout our late adolescent and teenage years. The church we attended was pastored by the father of my best friend and college roommate. We were both saved at an early age and have been very passionate about pursuing a relationship with Christ our Lord and Savior. One of the most prominent things we were taught is that the word of God reigns supreme, and studying it is key to understanding who God is and what He has in store for us. We both diligently study the word of God during our teenage years learning how to rightly divide the word of God. Shortly before I left for engineering college at Letourneau University I asked Sue to date me with the intentions that we would some day, marry. We broke up during this time, completely due to a misunderstanding, which would not be resolved till the end of the summer; and during this time Sue considered, although however briefly, the idea of marrying an individual who was polygamous. I was contacted by one of her friends, namely Fey, who at the time was dating my best friend, who was my room mate at college, and asked if I could please talk to Sue because she was thinking about some pretty crazy things, like polygamy. Although I did not have any moral convictions on polygamy being right or wrong. I did relate it to Mormonism because of past dealings with Mormon missionaries and studying to refute their doctrine. I reviewed the subject briefly, but being swamped by my school load, only found that the subject needed more attention. I related to my wife to be that it would be social suicide, but I did not have any moral answers to give her. During my time at college not only was a I required to take 12 additional bible classes, but my theolog…


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May 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Saludos, Hermanos y Hermanas en Cristo!

Hello, friends! – welcome to May, and finally some real warmth, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, which is certainly not all of us: we’ve had quite a number of signups recently from distant locations. In fact, non-USA signups have been significant enough that we’ve just started to keep some separate member lists for certain countries and areas, specifically: Canada, UK, Australia, the Philippines, and Latin America. The hope is to eventually provide opportunities for those folks to meet and fellowship, online and perhaps in person. If you are from outside the US, and want to be sure you are added to the appropriate list, drop us a note with your email address, and the country you are in. If you would be interested in participating in a country-specific forum, or even hosting a meetup, let us know that also. Just email: staff@biblicalfamilies.org Onward to some time-critical information:

The important news for this month is our upcoming North Carolina mountain retreat and it’s new date of July 2nd-4th. We made this change after consulting with folks by email and in the forums, the holiday weekend seemed to work for most – and we apologize to those who it causes a problem for. But we didn’t have much choice, we had not found a suitable location for the 9-11th, but we have reserved what will be a GREAT location for us over the holiday weekend. We have hotel-style rooms, dormitory-style rooms, and family cabins available, with a community kitchen/dining-room setting, and a separate large meeting hall, at very reasonable rates. There are hiking trails, waterfalls, and more on the property – and it will be easy to have some special activities for the children (I know I’ll be taking them for a hike when I’ve had too much adult interaction! – Nathan). This will be a great time of fellowshipping, encouraging, and relaxing in the mountains (north of Asheville a b…


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Hello from SC

Hello all. SeekingGrace is my wife of 8 years, some of you may know her.
Well anyway she has been telling me about BF for the past few weeks so I
figured I may as well get on here myself. I’m 29 and have been saved for almost
10 years now. I accepted the validity of polygyny basically from the first time I
read through the Bible (again about 10 years ago) but never thought
it would realistically be the case in my life. It seems that God has different
plans though, He has brought our family on quite a journey of enlightenment
In the past few months. I have seen the benefits of this lifestyle to all parties inolved
pretty much from the time our second child was born but never really thought my wife would come to accept it. I have a fairly demanding job, a family and also
a few hobbies so I may not be on here every day as some are, but feel free
to ask me anything you would like and I will answer A.S.A.P.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all.


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Please pray that I can be strengthened by God as we have obtained a new wife. I have been sick for three weeks and our former potential and hubby have worked things out and she is now here.

I am struggling with their relationship greatly! I didn’t think I would as long as I had plenty of time to prepare. unfortunately I have not had that time.


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Ladies’ Fellowship

Today, in Arlington TX we had a wonderful ladies fellowship. In all 8 ladies showed up with 15 children. We had one token male who very graciously kept an eye on the children at the playground to allow his wives to fellowship too. Everyone brought some food and we all had a great time. It is amazing how quickly the time goes by when you are building relationships and getting to know one another. These are all people who are involved with our church/bible studies in some way or another.

It was a real blessing to spend time with these amazing mothers and their wonderful children. What a great day!



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Hello all

Hello everyone,
It took a little time to see what this site is all about i am a 32 yo Married man living in Idaho. I have been fighting with the realization that i am poly for several years now.
I am a Christian and have finally come to this after prayer and reading gods word. So i appreciate all the advice and scripture the forum has to offer.


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