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Found out I’m Jewish!?

Greetings everyone! I don’t normally post on the forms. Even though I have commented before. Today I found my parental grandparents are of Jewish heritage. Even though they converted to Christianity. I believe my great grandparents or great, great grandparents left Judaism for Christianity. Since I’m seeing a lot of members became Catholic or Protestant. My Grandfather was a Sephardi Jew and my Grandmother was a Ashkenazi Jew. I personally will have pride in my new found heritage. Even though I have read online my mother has to be Jewish in order for me to call myself one. Yet I don’t see any of my friends who’s parent are not of the same heritage or religious belief calming that. What do you think? Should I study Judaism and my ancestry more or just close this chapter?


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Humility in Application: What We Can Learn From Others

Over the years I have grown to to love church history. The more I read about the saints of the past the more I see variations of the same struggles among saints today. It is true that without a good understanding of history we are bound to repeat some of the same errors. Plus, without a good understanding of history we miss the valuable contributions given to us by those who labored to the point of exhaustion, sometimes even unto death, and we loose the benefit of seeing and understanding the spirit of sacrifice that so many made for a particular cause.

How rich of a blessing it is to look back and see how Paul was beaten for the faith in order for the gospel to come to the Gentiles. How humbling it is to see how Polycarp in his 80’s was drug into a ring and burned to death because he would not renounce the name of Christ. How encouraging it is to reflect over Martin Luther’s great stand where he was on trial for his very life and yet he uttered the bold words: "Unless I am convinced by sacred scripture or right reasoning I will not recant. I can not do otherwise, here I stand, so help me God!" Or what about John Calvin’s devotion to the word of God where he would labor all night with his feet in cold water just so he could translate the bible and write sermons for those without the gospel? Does not these past examples motivate us towards a deeper dedication knowing that where these men are now is where we will soon be?

Such examples provide much in the area of giving to us courage. But courage without wisdom often leads to schism and unecessary schism. So what do we do to walk in courage without killing one another in the process as we walk? Or in more simple terms: What can we do to all get along even while differences abound?

Proverbs tells us this: "Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or swerve from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisd


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