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Did they give them a theology exam before getting married?

Do not be unequally yoked comes to mind…etc…etc…you know the arguments for and against…pros and cons…

I think a lot of people marry outside of their religion, but do so out of ignorance at a young age. When I first married in my 20s I considered myself a Christian yet had no clue what it meant to be one. Had I married a woman outside of my religion with firm beliefs in her religion it is likely that she would have swayed me into her religion. In any case if an individual that "knows better" chooses to do it anyway they had better be prepared for issues that they otherwise wouldn’t have to deal with. I would recommend that if an individual wanted to marry someone that didn’t have the same or very similar religious beliefs that it should be discussed considerably before making any permanent plans.

1 Corinthians 6:12 "All things are lawful for me," but not all things are helpful. "All things are lawful for me," but I will not be enslaved by anything.


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Praise: Some things change

I had confronted a pastor some years ago over some terribly bad false teaching (he discreetly called himself infallible while he preached). I had it out, and I thought that was the end of it.

Yesterday I found out that that incident actually sent some pretty major shock waves through the congregation, and had a very large effect on at least one person (and probably more from the sounds of it). I confronted the pastor in his office with just my (then to be) wife there, I made no scene about it, he let out what was said (I don’t know why he did, but it didn’t work in his favour). I was amazed at the effect I actually had, and I got commended by a brother in Christ my wiser and elder as he said he should have done what I did. (a statement that was quite humbling for me)

If only my work on Poly goes so well it would be quite a change. It is humanly impossible that the things I’ve been doing should change hearts, but with God in due season change happens.


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Things God can show you while cutting grass!

You know, it is amazing just what you can be shown during your quiet time while spending 3 to 3 1/2 hrs cutting grass on a riding mower twice a week or during a 4 hr drive to work. I wish to share some things with you that the Lord and I talked about last week when I was home cutting grass and yet again during my 4 hr drive to week this week along with other things HE and I have discussed over the past several weeks and months. The following is some of what HE and I discussed, argued about, fussed over, asking "Why me and my family". What follows is some of what HE told me about Biblical Plural / Covenant Marriages (BPM ), the "Pecking Order", if you will, of husbands and wives along with general things geared toward the husbands and the wives ………..

It seems strange that out of the blue, the Lord would bring the subject of BPM to me several years ago, for you see, before HE reveled this to me I never really thought about it. How HE also pushed my desire to know more about it, to read up on it, to study it and to except it as truth. That I would find all of the material that I did on it and then started meeting other people, both men and women, on line and in person, who have had the same things shown to them and some are living it right now. I could see that if I were the only one or one of a couple of people to dig into this, that I would be off my rocker……but there are many people, not only on the BF board here but on many other message boards, who are seeking the truth of this as well as many living in a BPM. Not just here in the U.S. but all over the world. Why is that…….Why???……..I feel that the Lord has shown us this as a means of not only instructing us about His word, but as a means of us who have been shown this, being ready to all live this way for He is about to do something to cause people to find ways of surviving that are out of the ordinary. It is and will be a means for single women to find a good and…


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A matter of Law

In speaking about matters of doctrine in which things themselves have no intrinsic evil, but rather that they can be used or misused, one of my favorite Christian teachers published an article that I found very interesting. One paragraph in particular stood out in that it pointed out that numerous religions have elevated their perceptions of things as evil and therefore justified constituting a law prohibiting such things. The examples were given of groups that prohibit dancing, makeup, and the like. He pointed out what the Apostle Paul taught about eating meat that was sacrificed to idols. The meat in itself is not either good or bad, but that it had been sacrificed to an idol and then sold in the market bothered some and they felt it was wrong to eat it while others feasted on it without concern. It dawned on me that the same thing had happened to marriage, monogamy has been elevated to the status of law where indeed there is no law. It is startling to me that the obvious lack of such a law and the numerous examples in the scriptures of polygyny have somehow been overlooked by the churches, and the truth has been replaced by law which contradicts what is clearly evident in scripture. It dawned on me how what was written in the article actually applied to us and the understanding we have been given. Here is the paragraph I am talking about:

“At the same time, when these adiaphorous matters are elevated into the status of law, and people become convinced that God requires them to follow a certain path, the Bible gives instruction on how we are to be sensitive to them. It is not a matter of Christian liberty to bash or to ridicule those who have these scruples. We are called to be sensitive to them. We are not to offend unnecessarily those referred to in the Bible as weaker brothers. On the other hand, sensitivity to the weaker brother stops at the point where he elevates his sensitivity to become the law or defining rule of Christian behavior.”

Is it just me or d…


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