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What I’m thankful for…


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Waiting for Results, would be thankful for prayer

Greetings & Blessings Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

I’ve been doing my best to hang in there, hanging unto Yeshua along the way. Trusting in and resting in Him and whatever His will may be for me and my family. I had what I thought was a regular doctors apt./check up, and ended up having an unexpected ultrasound and biopsy due to some health issues that I’ve been dealing with for a while now. However the issues in themselves didn’t seem too serious or bothersome to warrant these procedures, but I found out otherwise. It’s been a week now, and still no results from the biopsy. I am trying my best to press forward for that which lies ahead in Christ Jesus. Enjoying my dh and wonderful children that I’ve been blessed with, along with moments of worry and "what if’s, have I done enough for my Savior and my family?!" Guess it’s time to put on "the full armor of God," as they say and fight the good fight in Christ Jesus. Standing on his foundation and promises. Although as we know, that in this life we all are allowed to experience times of struggles, tribulation and sometimes illnesses that can cause our journey home to glory, to be sooner than we would’ve thought. Thank you much ahead of time for anyone who can offer me prayerful support during this season of my life! :)



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