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If you teach bad doctrine in church. Then people listen, learn, regurgitate it. Then at some point they are confronted with the falsity of their views. They recoil in horror and discard the baby with the bathwater. Those who are too stupid to even understand how bad the doctrine is, stay and thus teach the bad doctrine on to the next generation and the idiocracy perpetuates itself.
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How do you find other people who teach polygamy locally?

I am wondering if there are any strategies to search for Churches that believe in biblical polygamy in a local city. Or at least other individuals that believe in polygamy. I am looking for at least one person who can help me to understand scripture better and who I can talk to as a friend. I feel that my understanding of scripture needs to improve greatly.

By the way I am not looking to talk to Mormons or people who disrespect the Bible.


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