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Phone number changes

We changed our phone numbers this week. Finally decided to become real full fledged Texans. Like a good little girl, I updated hubby’s number in my contacts list. I then texted him with a suggestion for something that I thought he might want to do….

reply.."And who are you?
Sweetlissa "Your wife. I texted you our new numbers"
reply.."My wife? jajaja. Whats your name honey?"
Sweetlissa "Bertha"
reply.."you got the wrong number babe"
Sweetlissa " I mean Dorcas"
reply…"I still don’t remember you"
Sweetlissa " How bout Sweetlissa?"

Then the phone rings.
A hispanic accent asks me "Who are you?"
I say, "this is Lissa"
He says, "Who were you trying to reach?"
I say, "Randy"
He says, "This isn’t Randy"
I say, "You really aren’t Randy?"
He says, "No, this is Manuel."

Well, anyone who knows hubby, knows this is exactly the kind of joke he would play on me, including using a foreign accent. When we straightened out the phone number I called him and it was all he could do to not roll on the floor laughing. That poor Manuel?


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