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Are there parts of the Bill of Rights which still apply?

A friend of mine, and also Constitution-oriented talk show host in times past, used to like to hold up a copy of that once "Supreme Law" and say, "You know, there are actually PARTS of this document which STILL APPLY!"

There are, of course, less and less of them each and every day.

I frequently suggest to those who cling to the fantasy of an America which no longer exists in the way most assume, that those who follow YHVH, and His Word, should seek to understand what it means to "come out of her", so that we may not be partakers in the plagues (and judgment) which is to come. As with most shocks, people tend to react first with denial, then anger.

And while the claim that the Bill of Rights still actually exist, at least in part, within these former united States is increasingly hard to defend, new abuses still shock us as they are revealed – to the point where people refuse to believe they are possible, and must be the sole domain of "conspiracy theorists" and other folks soon to be rightfully imprisoned as terrorists or other threats to the burgeoning Police State.

So while it has been obvious for a generation or more that the Second Amendment is a dead letter (after all, if "shall not be infringed" can still apply in a nation with multiple tens of thousands of "infringments" — from licenses and taxes, permits to prohibitions, from federal to local levels of government — what is the point of even bothering to write down those words?) most people still try to hang on to some illusions about the First.

So have a look at this:

"When Cameras Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cameras!"


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Why is Dale Schultz still a Republican?

http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolit … 12103.html

from the article:

“Too often when we don’t come together, we’ve seen short-lived public policies and needless disruption for people and communities. I grew up during the civil rights and Vietnam War movements where the social fabric of our community was torn apart,” Schultz said.

If I were the Dems, I’d be all over this guy to switch parties. It’s happened before.

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