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How do you deal with the "concerned friend"?

I have a friend who, by reason of deduction, eventually figured out our living situation. We knew it was only a matter of time, as SW was babysitting for the family who were friends of ours from the church we stopped attending.

A little background, the wife of that family has… issues. She’s a closet feminist (as in she doesn’t really realize how deeply feminist she really is), she had abuse issues growing up and has a general distrust of men, and also has a sociology degree. A bad combination if you ask me. She is nice, and she has improved over the last several years that we’ve known her, but she’s still very insecure, as well as very very controlling in her family structure.

So, she figured out SW was preggy after she started showing, and our friend decided to "confront" her about it. Now, because SW is terrified of just about anyone she doesn’t know well, she freaked out and said probably quite a bit more than she should have. Which is fine, it would have been figured out eventually, however, some of the things she said didn’t really help the situation.

So our friend, decided that SW has been coerced into this (which really is the opposite in many ways, but that’s another story :) ), and kept offering refuge from this "bad" situation. After SW left, our friend kept calling her and leaving messages that she could come be "safe" at her house, that she didn’t have to stay here, etc. SW eventually left her a message back saying that she doesn’t mind watching the kids, but she won’t discuss her personal life with our friend. Our friend didn’t call back after that ;)

Fast forward a few weeks, and our friend finally decides to call me. Says the same thing… offers refuge, tells me that I am being abused and that I don’t have to live like this, hubby is very wrong, etc. I tried to tell her I am not being abused, that while I wasn’t thrilled at first it’s not so bad now, I had every choice to leave and chose not to, etc. She wouldn…


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Advice Please :)

O.K.. So I’m pretty new to this "Plural Marriage" .. As in I’m new to this myself with little experience and I’m also new to this as in I have an adequate amount of knowledge to understand it and agree with it as my life’s calling, but outside of my own relationship I don’t talk to many people in the same situation as us.. I feel like I need more of a support system around me to help me with my questions.. I mean my husband is always the one I talk to and I trust and respect his advice first and foremost but sometimes I just need to hear what other women(or men) in my situation would have to say about thing. What kind of advice they have for me. For instance, "Do you think I’m doing this rite?" or "Did I go about this wrong? What would you do?" The road can sometimes get bumpy and I want to make it as smooth as possible for all of us even tho that’s hard at times :( I’m curious to know what the percentage rate is of PM is sought after together as a couple and what percent has come about by the man alone seeking, if even he wasn’t exactly seeking it at the beginning?? Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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