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Identical twin sisters and polygamy

Identical twins are about 1 percent of the population. I know that there is little reliable information about polygamous households, but it would be good to know if identical twin sisters make good polygamous wives.

North America has about 75 million women of marriageable age, and about 750,000 of them will be pairs of identical twins. If 1 percent of twin sisters are prepared to take polygamy seriously, this would make 7,500 polygamous households where the wives are twin sisters. The numbers are similar for Europe.

In the future, there could be a town in North America, and another in Europe, where most households consist of a man and twin wives.

Once China and India become rich and well organised, all these figures will be three times higher.

Triplets are about 1 percent of the twin population, so we could see a few households of a man and triplet wives. Think of Big Love with the three wives being triplets.

Or in short, what proportion of polygamous wives are:
Twin sisters


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Hello Brothers & Sisters NEED HELP PLEASE PRAY

Hello All,

I am new to this board … I have been a Christian (saved) now for 5 years. I got saved in a small church after my life was starting to fall apart and I turned to God for help and recieved Jesus as Lord. I was very active in the church for the 4 years I attendened…. I would examine the scriptures all most everyday and pray asking the Lord for wisdom and truth… This is where I ran into a big problem with my fellow Christians and Elders at Family Bible Church… The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to truth reguarding marriage and polygyny. After much study I went to the Pastor and Elders only to be comdemned and slanderd (they hold tight to the traditions of man even after I …with Gods help …tried to show them the truth of Gods Word). I have since stopped attending but I do not have any fellowship and am becoming very discouraged in the faith. I believe by their teachings they are forbidding marriage and giving in to a doctrine of demons …. Please Brothers and Sisters I need prayer … my wife/family hates me for my beliefs and I lost all fellowship with other Christians …. need to find a group that holds tight to Gods word and lifts it up above all else… Would greatly appriciate your prayers and Godly advice.

In Jesus Christ are Lord,


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I put this on the dating part of craigslists,lol

To all the ladies out there stop getting dogged!

To all the ladies out there this one is exclusively for you! Now all the brothers out there you can read this, but if you read this you are gonna be hot! Cause some of this stuff here is gonna rattle and shake some nerves! To all the ladies out there who want a good Godly man we’ve got a list of all list for you too find a Godly man. It’s a list of fifteen questions that a Godly woman should ask a man. Before you get all googley eyed and you are waiting for him to call, cause by that point you will probably not care what the bible has to say. This is only for the sisters who want a Godly man. This right here is just phase one! This ain’t dating, this ain’t marriage, or nothing. This is for the man who may be interested in you not dating as of yet, but if the opportunity ever arose at least you know where he stands.
1. Theology: Is the bible 100% Gods’ word and only Gods word? Jesus is he God in the flesh and did he rise on the third day? (That’s big cause some brothers don’t even believe that)

2. Are you a Christian? If so how did you become one? When did you become one? Why did you become one? How do you know you are really in the faith now? Please support your answers with scripture. (That’s BIG cause sisters some brothers will come at you with “I was born in the church. I was baptized when I was two years old. My grandmamma be prayn for me.” No, you want a biblical and spiritual testimony that lines up with the bible. Don’t let them give you I was raised in the church mess. This could be hubby right here this could be your man! Do you want this cat spiritually leading you and he hasn’t even been converted or saved?

3. Would the last girl you dated say she is a better Christian after dating you?

4. Are you willing to sit down with the ministers at my church so they can talk to you about your spiritual maturity and what your intentions are with me before we go any farther in our friendship or relationship? ( T…


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