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Nuts and Bolts: The Physical House

MickyH wrote: spake unto us: " I think that separate living spaces [in Sister Wives] are fine, and esp separate sleeping quarters..They need something sacred between the two of them, no matter what two of them it maybe :)

i was wondering . . . how normal is the living situation on Sister Wives I cannot imagine there are that many really cool houses out there. I would think most people live in a normal three (or four) bedroom house and share a kitchen and laundry.

i was thinking my nearly 2000 sq ft home and wondered if it would be big enough. I have 3+ bedrooms upstairs. There is one large room that we have talked about the need (want) to wall off into another bedroom. So I am wondering is this way of living and sleeping in sister wives is normal?


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Sister Wives

If any of you have been following the first few weeks of TLC’s new reality show, "Sister Wives", then you will probably agree with me that it has been surprisingly even handed in its portrayal of a modern day plural family dealing with real life, day-to-day issues.

Setting aside the religious component (the Browns are fundamentalist Mormons), what things have you learned or discovered in watching the broadcast? Are there ideas or suggestions that you see in the Brown’s family situation that may be a positive or a negative as you pursue your own plural family?

The topic is wide open to discuss anything related to the program EXCEPT those dealing with the Brown’s faith. I want this thread to focus more on the practical aspects of plural marriage.


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Did You Watch Sister Wives on TLC???

I just wanted to get any opinions on the new show!

I am currently watching it and encouraged some single friends of mine that I have discussed Plural Marriage with to watch it. I think this is VERY eye opening!


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Sister Wives…

I just came across this interview that was done on the Today Show by the family that is the focus of the TLC program "Sister Wives" that premiers Sunday night, and thought it was a very good interview…

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp … 8#39322168

Ladies and gentlemen…there is more and more exposure to the good side of plural marriage…let us be strong and of good courage. The day will soon dawn that Biblical Marriage will be a recognized reality in our society.


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Finding (?) a sister wife or joining, starting a family.

I’m very aware that these things have been raised among other threads, but I believe it deserves one of its own. (Oh dear, I hope there isn’t one).

How do we find (caveats apply) either a sister wife or a family to join or even start a plural family. My preamble doesn’t address all these issues but I’m sure you will over time.

Let’s begin with a family considering extension.
When the truth of polygamy is firmly at home in the hearts of married believers, some begin to seriously consider the lifestyle. The question then arises, how do we go about extending the family with those who are like minded in both faith and the conviction of plural or extended family. In other words how do we meet potential family members then provide space and the fellowships which will allow such a family to come together be it God’s will?

Where do they start? How does a single lady “find” a wonderful family to join? How does a single man set the foundation for the potential of an extended family?

The first thing is that any family should be equally convinced by their prayers, discussions and study of the Word of God together that this lifestyle is the God sanctioned way forward for them. Unequal conviction is a platform for disaster. No family extension will survive if it’s coerced in my view.

It seems to me that some monogamous families think are ready to try a plural family, that testing the waters with a third member will confirm whether they are capable of living the lifestyle or not. This is also a recipe for disaster. A few years ago I warned a single mum of dangers when she was hasty in departing to visit a couple who turned out to be rather kinky. She came home devastated. This is an extreme case, but hearts are important, we did not enter monogamy lightly or too quickly what makes us think extending our family should be any different.

Marry in haste, suffer at leisure.

Once a family is equally convinced by the Lord that they have the spiritual strength and love to extend their f…


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