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If only we’d PARTIED …

… instead of COMPLAINING. We humans, that is. Back in the days of the Exodus.

What’s clear in the stories is that every time God brought us up to an opportunity for Him to show Himself strong, we humans complained. Usually something along the lines of, "We’re hungry / thirsty / scared / tired / lost / gotta go potty. DO something! Now! Did you bring us all the way out here to this desert to DIE? Hunh? Hunh?"

  • Red sea
  • Bitter springs
  • Want meat
  • Golden calf
  • Strike da rock
  • On the border of Canaan
  • War with the Amalekites (Moses’ hands doing the first recorded semaphore!)

Seems even our long-suffering patient God, full of goodness and mercy, with a long and effective arm able to save to the uttermost, with love that never fails, got mighty tired of it.

Despite the plagues of Egypt, apparently we neither feared His anger, nor trusted His love.

We look back and think, "How sad!" But do we go and do the same things today?

I wonder how the History of God’s People would have read had we partied instead?! What if, each time one of these opportunities arose, we human’s had yelled, "God Party!" and started dancing, shouting, praising and giving thanks that God was about to show Himself strong on the earth on our behalves?

Remember 10 Commandments Day? When God Himself physically came down upon the mountain of Sanai? Burned the hell out of the rocks on top, thus turning them into holy ground! :lol: (You can still see ’em today if you can get past the Saudis …) He had Moses put a fence around the mountain so no-one would come too close and die.

But what happened when He showed up? Fire and lightning and thunder and great noise and clouds and then a great deep voice announcing, "I am the God who brought you out of Egypt! Thou shalt …"?

There went Moses running towards the fence, hollering, "Come ON, everybody! GOD IS HERE!!!"

And there were the rest of us cowering back, like we had no reason to suspect that He,


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A New Reality Show on Pm this Fall on TLC!


I just thought I’d pop in to say hello, and inform you all of a new reality show thats coming this Fall. You may have already heard about it. It will be a reality series of an actual plural family, on the cable network channel TLC. This family has decided to bring to the public’s attention their familie’s testimony, showing the world if you will, the "good side of polygamy." I believe that I’ve heard that they are Morman, but not FLDS. The husband currently has 3 wives and 13 children and are bringing a fourth wife into the family. I’ve seen this family on a few previous youtube videos , and TLC has some interviews with them and some news reports that you can read off of google about this family. They seem to be a very nice, healthy loving family from what I’ve seen/read thus far. I believe the show that’s airing this Fall is titled: " SisterWives." Just thought you may be interested. Take care & God Bless.

F.S. :)


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