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How did you get here?

Ok, someone in a post said how did you stumble here and it made me wonder as far as others .

I`ll share a lil about me. I`m 52 and separated , I have three wonderful grown children. I married at barely seventeen and thought it was forever or at least I was dedicated and thought my partner believed in the same. Only to have that bubble burst ,looking at my partner saying "do I even know him" ?

To make a story short he believes in lies and affairs , I do not, I think and know they destroy .

We stay best friends and parent grown children and will forever I suspect .

I believe strongly in energy, that it moves all, that heart and soul and energy is everything.

As I saw and see many marriages touched by cheating ,I found myself looking at plural relationships along with the fact I find humans are quite touched by domination and submission. Its energy , makeup in people and if people know it they get along better. anyways say hi or share your story please


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Please share the advantages of being poly minded

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while,thought I’d finally get
around to asking the other poly minded ladies here to share the upside to biblical poly
thinking…..even if you don’t live it!

I am the first and so far only wife of my dear husband, but one of the advantages that I see is less stress for both of us.
He doesn’t have to hide anything from me or worry about what I will think if he visits with someone or meets someone at work. I enjoy hearing about his day and the people he meets, I get to hear his thoughts about them even if they are pretty, sweet, and pleasant single girls.

Another big plus for me is perhaps more related to trusting my husband, but
while some women worry about their husband meeting someone new and
replacing them, I have no such concerns because we both believe in biblical marriage
and I am confident he will never leave me or replace me even if he finds a
new love.

That trust helps in other ways too, since I do trust him and his judgment as well I am confident if he does find a new love she will be someone I will like and want to be around and good for the family.
And after all, to even imply that he has lousy taste in women when you are his wife would be to insult yourself :lol:

To share a bit on another subject (off the topic of this post) He did meet someone about a week ago that he describes as pleasant with a bubby outgoing personality. She also has some common interests.

He has seen her three times now all related to work and she seems interested in him.
So far the family hasn’t come up (which makes him feel just a bit guilty).
You see he doesn’t wear his ring for safety reasons with the work he does, and since I’m poly minded and would like a sisterwife that is more then fine with me, but it has brought us to an interesting place here.
If biblical marriage was a more accepted practice it would be easier perhaps to know how to get all the cards on the table without putting someone off.
If he says "hey I have a wife but would like an…


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