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A Legal Scholar in Support of Overturning Marriage Ban

This subject has come up in numerous places before and thus I thought I would post this article here. Families are under pressure by competing ideas from various groups. This legal scholar has written an article as to why she thinks the ban on polygyny cannot survive a modern day constitutional review. She makes a good case and one that all families I think need to read and contemplate. She makes a lot of sense no matter if one agrees or disagrees with plural marriage.

http://www.houstonlawreview.org/archive … forbes.pdf

Dr. Allen


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Needing a Legal Scholar or Several Lawyers

In another post that many have been discussing concerning a legal route to work with for overturning the anti-assembly laws for peacable polygyny unions a desire has surfaced to locate a good legal scholar or even a team of legal scholars.

You can see that post here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1842

Therefore, is anyone in here a legal scholar (one with a JD and/or Ph.D in law) who would be willing to help? Or do you know of a lawyer or team of lawyers who might be willing to help work with a few people to draft some preliminary first steps for an initial review of the idea(s)?

If so please post here or if you feel more comfortable you can private message us or even email us ( staff@biblicalfamilies.org ).


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