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In the middle..

Hi all, not sure if I am posting this in the right forum, but here goes… without going into too much detail, DH and SW-to-be are fighting a lot lately. I’m not even sure what some of the arguments are about and I have a hunch a lot of it is due to the extremely stressful family situation we are going through right now. Thankfully I am getting along well with both but it is hard not to feel like I am stuck in the middle when they fight. Any advice from those who have been there, done that would be SO appreciated. I feel like this relationship is definitely forcing me to learn something new everyday!! :)


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Open Doors

Right now our Family is undergoing some financial stress. We recently had to finance a new vehicle due to the fact that our family is about to increase in a few months and we needed a vehicle that allowed room for 2 carseats. Now, DH’s current job is undergoing some changes that will cut back his hours with a very good possibility of a paycut on top of that. We really can’t afford a reduction in income right now and cannot afford a daycare, much less the fact I am due with our new Baby Girl about Mid-February, so me getting a job is not an option. I would ask for prayer that God will open some doors for DH, where he would atleast be able to bring home the same or even a little more financially. I would also like to request prayer that we, as a family, will draw closer to God and remain strong through these trials.
In Jesus Name,


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Anger / Submission Comparison

Had a thought that seemed profound to my Pooh Bear small mind, and thought it worth sharing. There’s an old saying that goes something like:

To be angry is easy. But to be angry to the right degree, at the right time, for the right reason, in the right manner, and towards the right person — these are not so easy.

It occurred to me that much the same could be said about submission. To be submissive is easy. Just give up self responsibiliy and become lazy. But to submit to the right party, in the right way, for the right reasons, to the right degree, and on the right occasion? Not so easy.

God tried to make it easy for our ladies — submit to your own husband as to the Lord. Not to someone else’s husband, or the pastor, or anyone else clamoring for your submission. Just … follow your husband’s lead.

For us fellas, it’s a bit more complicated. None of us argue that we need to submit when and where and how and why and to whom we are suppose to. The arguments, if any, center solely on what all those qualifiers might be.

Don’t want to start another "heated discussioon" here. Just sharing a personal thought for fun. Now, does anyone perchance have another jar of honey for a very hungry bear? :roll:


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Holy Cussing

One of Cecil’s Bar-room Sermons coming up. :) And don’t worry, it WILL turn out to be a marriage issue. … :o

Long ago and far away (seriously — Guam, early 80s), one of the first movies I ever rented made a huge impression via teaching this somewhat naive and sheltered PK the value of cussing — sorta.

I don’t remembere the title, but the plot was the rather eccentric professor who ends up overseeing the growing love between a rather delightful female, and a rather detatched, cerebral, perhaps arrogant student.

What struck me as so interesting was that the prof told the young man that he wasn’t ready for a REAL relationship until he learned to say,"Son of a B….!" correctly. He then proceded to make him practice saying it, rather unsuccessfully. Of course, the movie resolves once he learns to say it right and in so doing comes into touch with his true feelings, then successfully gets the girl.

What does that little trip down memory lane have to do with much of anything, much less marriage?

Well, the Bible DOES say to get angry and sin not. And our Example, Jesus, DID use some fairly colorful language on certain folks. Which brought me to a thought … (Didja read the post on Anger / Submission Comparison?)

Perhaps this is an equally true statement: To cuss is easy. (Just let your temper take over. Any 2 year old can essentially do it, complete with kicking heels, and lots of attention getting noise.) But to cuss at the right time, at the right person, for the right reason, and to the right degree? This is not so easy.

"Sounds logical. Any hints as to who and when and what the right time might be?" Well, as a matter of fact …

The devil is one sorry lying SOB. That’s pretty much all he brings to the table. Not much else, truth to tell. He’s a defeated foe. He’s subject to being cast out by any, ANY, believing Christian. He comes not except to steal, kill, and destroy. His works, including sickness and even DEATH, are subject to be…


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Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Ruled Unconstitutional

"BOSTON — The federal law banning gay marriage is unconstitutional because it interferes with the right of a state to define the institution and therefore denies married gay couples some federal benefits, a federal judge ruled Thursday in Boston."


My first thought was "What right does a State actually have to define marriage in the first place, and why does it have any right to do so?"

Seeing that different religions have different marriage practices I don’t understand how a State can decide what marriage is and therefore define it, which would obviously violate the rights of some of the individuals of that State forcing them to follow a definition of marriage that is not supported by their religious doctrine. The Constitution specifically guarantees protection of the free practice of religion, and different religions have different definitions of marriage, therefore how is it possible for a State to definition marriage without forcing some of its residents to follow a religious doctrine different than what their religion allows.

As I thought about it, I wondered what the implications might be for "Biblical Marriage" because of the ruling. Most assuredly it is a blow to the ultra right wing "Christians" wanting marriage to be legally defined as one man and one woman only.

Your thoughts?


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A Potential Legal Route to Overturn Anti-Polygyny Laws

Over the last few days I pulled out several legal texts to read again over various ideas and I think there might be a way to legally argue and overturn (not establish) the laws that forbid polygyny. If so this would give all people the right to assemble as they see fit and for the assembly itself or the people in the assembly the right to call it whatever they so desire.

Of course if this route were to be followed it would give any person the right to form their own family however they agree to do it so long as it was done peacefully. But this would then be an inclusive approach not an exclusive approach, which seems to fit better with the 1st Amendment purpose. I’m not sure if anyone has tried this approach or not (if so I’ve not seen or heard of it).

In many cases people have focused on only one part of the 1st Amendment clause. Normally the focus has been: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Then they argue that polygyny is a religious issue.

But the "marriage idea" has been ruled to be more of a civil (whole societal) issue than a religious one since all people in general marry regardless of their religous status. Thus these arguments, though with some real weight, don’t seem to have the amount of weight as we would like for them to have. Furthermore, those who go this route often go too far and argue that we need to make laws giving the permission to marry when marriage is not a permission issue but an innate right that people are born with (even though they have to physically mature to be able to mate).

But there are two other clauses that are in the 1st Amendment. This Amendment also says: "the right of the people peaceably to assemble."

In reading my legal texts I have discovered that this phrase is not directly the same as the next phrase which says: "and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." In my mind I’ve always though…


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