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Urgent! July retreat info and question for you!

Hi all, here’s the deal: most reasonable (and reasonably priced) places in the Tenn or NC mountains have booked up for our weekend. We’ve found one place that seems like it would be great (hotel style rooms, bigger shared bunkbed rooms, separate cabins, big meeting room, separate dining/kitchen room – all together), but they aren’t available 9-11th.

They ARE available July 2nd-4th. We have found in the past that holiday weekends can be good retreat times for people to get away – but I thought that it would be hard to book anything for July 4th weekend.

So, question for you to answer, as soon as you see this: If you were considering coming, would July 2nd-4th work for you? If you were not able to come previously, would this weekend perhaps work for you?

If you don’t answer, I’ll assume either works for you, or that you are not able to make either date. (We’d have to keep looking for a place for the 9th-11th.) One plus of the 4th is that many people have the 5th off, and some of us could stick around and visit longer, Sunday night and Monday.

We hope to make this decision within 72 hours and we will take in to account accommodating the most people, so please respond here ASAP or email you answers to retreats@biblicalfamilies.org.

Thanks!, Nathan


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Phoenix Retreat Nov 2010

Just wanted to say that my husband and I attended the retreat this weekend and really had a great time! We met some wonderful people and learned many things. Mostly it was just awesome for us to (for the first time) be able to have fellowship with others that believe the way we do. We consider ourselves polygamists even though we are not yet practicing. Anyway, it was so nice to be able to get the opportunity to meet others that have the same beliefs and desires; and to truly know that we are not alone! We are really praying that we can manage to become part of a regular group with the others from Arizona, maybe a monthly get together or something, that would be just awesome! Thank you to Nathan and Julie and to Dr. Keith for putting this all together for us!!


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May 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Saludos, Hermanos y Hermanas en Cristo!

Hello, friends! – welcome to May, and finally some real warmth, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, which is certainly not all of us: we’ve had quite a number of signups recently from distant locations. In fact, non-USA signups have been significant enough that we’ve just started to keep some separate member lists for certain countries and areas, specifically: Canada, UK, Australia, the Philippines, and Latin America. The hope is to eventually provide opportunities for those folks to meet and fellowship, online and perhaps in person. If you are from outside the US, and want to be sure you are added to the appropriate list, drop us a note with your email address, and the country you are in. If you would be interested in participating in a country-specific forum, or even hosting a meetup, let us know that also. Just email: staff@biblicalfamilies.org Onward to some time-critical information:

The important news for this month is our upcoming North Carolina mountain retreat and it’s new date of July 2nd-4th. We made this change after consulting with folks by email and in the forums, the holiday weekend seemed to work for most – and we apologize to those who it causes a problem for. But we didn’t have much choice, we had not found a suitable location for the 9-11th, but we have reserved what will be a GREAT location for us over the holiday weekend. We have hotel-style rooms, dormitory-style rooms, and family cabins available, with a community kitchen/dining-room setting, and a separate large meeting hall, at very reasonable rates. There are hiking trails, waterfalls, and more on the property – and it will be easy to have some special activities for the children (I know I’ll be taking them for a hike when I’ve had too much adult interaction! – Nathan). This will be a great time of fellowshipping, encouraging, and relaxing in the mountains (north of Asheville a b…


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Any other Retreats this Summer?

Greetings & Blessings,

Just checking in to see if there will possibly be any other retreats this summer? I wish you all well for the upcoming July retreat, as I’m sure it will be an awesome time of fellowship and newly shared/learned Godly insights. We were going to try to come out to the original July retreat that was scheduled for the following weekend. However, we have prior plans for the weekend of the 2nd -4th, that we cannot get out of. I know that these events take allot of hard work, time, planning, etc to make them happen. We all are very appreciative for all that goes into these retreats, so no complaints and no pressure. Just wondering about future retreats that may take place the rest of this summer. Thanks for all the hard work, compassion, encouragement, and help that eveyone offers to us all here at Biblical Families. :D



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NC retreat: July 2-4th – FEEDBACK TIME!!

Are you coming to the retreat next weekend in NC?!? Over 40 adults are, and 20+ children. We are looking forward to it so much, we are leaving tomorrow (Sunday)! We are camping for a few days in the mountains before heading to the retreat – my kids are pretty excited, it’s been almost a year since we’ve been up to the mountains.

Many of us are staying an extra day, until Monday – to make more time to fellowship.

It’s not too late to make your plans, we still have some beds available. Drop me a PM, or email retreats@biblicalfamilies.org if you want details.

Hope to see you there!


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Possible Fall retreat ????

Nathan wrote in another post:
"- with nothing on the schedule on the East Coast for the rest of this year, we’re already thinking that won’t work: too many of us will need our fix before then! We had a quick discussion about meeting in the fall (how does weekend after Thanksgiving work for folks? Done with family at that point?), and perhaps a new location, say… central Alabama? Drop me an email or PM with your thoughts."

If this means the first weekend in December ( Dec 3-5 ) then Chaplains Rose and I would be all for it. Central Alabama would be doable for us, say at a camp ground as y’all have been doing the past few retreats. Heck, I would even be willing to help cook meals ( seeing as how I like to cook ) as well as bring all the makings to make a LARGE pot of REAL Cajun gumbo for everybody.


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Oct. retreat in Sacramento

I’m just curious as to who/how many plan on coming? It’s only 2 hours from me, so I’m pretty sure that I’m going to go, but I just want to know who I will get to meet. Thanks! BTW I don’t post much on here anymore, but I still read sometimes. I’m on facebook if anyone is interested in connecting.


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