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Reason -vs – Reality (R&R)

For those of you who may not be sure of the meaning, you can go to the on line dictionary and find the condition and definition known as "peripheal neuropathy." (A disease or degenerative state of the peripheal nerve in which motor, sensory or vaso motor nerve fibers may be affected and which is marked by muscle weakness and atrophy, pain and numbness.) Having said that I move forward with a statement and question. If you have read the definition of "peripheal neuropathy" then we all can agree that there are many who experience this condition physically. Question – Has anyone ever given thought to the possibility that if, over a period of time, one comes to to know that polygamy is a Biblical fact, is there anyone who may now consider the possibility that they can have cause to consider the term "peripheal neuropathy of the heart??


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A New Reality Show on Pm this Fall on TLC!


I just thought I’d pop in to say hello, and inform you all of a new reality show thats coming this Fall. You may have already heard about it. It will be a reality series of an actual plural family, on the cable network channel TLC. This family has decided to bring to the public’s attention their familie’s testimony, showing the world if you will, the "good side of polygamy." I believe that I’ve heard that they are Morman, but not FLDS. The husband currently has 3 wives and 13 children and are bringing a fourth wife into the family. I’ve seen this family on a few previous youtube videos , and TLC has some interviews with them and some news reports that you can read off of google about this family. They seem to be a very nice, healthy loving family from what I’ve seen/read thus far. I believe the show that’s airing this Fall is titled: " SisterWives." Just thought you may be interested. Take care & God Bless.

F.S. :)


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