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New and very anxious

Hello everyone. I’m a wife from down south.

Recently, I wanted to get serious about my relationship with God and started reading through the bible. God gave me such a desire to know His word. However, it seemed like I was reading a book that I had never read at all before!

Things jumped out at me that I was not happy about–like plural marriage. The thoughts plagued me. I cried for days and was anxious and fretful. My husband told me to just keep praying and that maybe God was trying to tell me something. So I kept seeking the Lord and reading. What I was reading made me confused…Jesus teaching a parable about 10 virgins–one groom. David’s life, Solomon’s life….It seemed as though plural marriage was on every page I turned.

I wasn’t seeking any information on this topic AT ALL! I told God that I wanted to know who He was and what he wanted for my life. This is what he has shown me…that I am to share my husband. While I do not feel right going into details, the Lord has shown me some very specific things about what kind of life we are going to have. God’s leading in my husband’s heart has confirmed these things. I am scared to death. This is the opposite of what I have envisioned for my life, but I want God’s will so badly. What He has shown me has truly shaken me to the core of my being. It goes against every thing that I have been taught and what I believed to be true.

I have no idea where to go from here and I am very scared and anxious.
With heartfelt sincerity,


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Boaz Polygamous

So I was reading Ruth after recently hearing a sermon on the book with my new knowledge about polygamy and suddenly I realized that Boaz was most likely a polygamous! Okay well he could have been divorced or widower as well. What do you guys and girls think? What is the probability he was polygamous?

P.S. I mentioned this to a pastor (who was having a hard time explaining why the other kinsmen redeemer had to much to loose in redeeming her) and is against polygamy and he baulked, and told me not to read between the lines, but that story will be a different thread someday. :)


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