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Hinds feet on High Places

Have any of you ladies read this book? I have read it twice now and it teaches me something new everytime. I read it a few weeks ago and I am now beginning to see just how much the way my husband loves me is like the way Christ loves me. I love that I come away from that book with a new outlook and a refreshed soul. My soul has been starving lately and my daily bible study has been a bit dry this book has really brought new life to my studies and my soul. If you have not read this book I really think you should :)

In Joy and Love,


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Hi ladies,
I have read with interest the other thread on gluttony. I read it from the perspective of someone who has almost always struggled with weight and gluttony. I am not good with moderation you might say! I could do well with some accountability as my weight has recently seen an upswing. If there is anyone in the same boat as me and would like some support, some honesty, perhaps even weekly weigh ins, let me know. Maybe a bit of "competition" would help get us motivated!! I read Scarecrow’s comment on the other thread and found it amusing (and it hit home)……..I don’t want to be the fat a** caboose


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