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Urgent! July retreat info and question for you!

Hi all, here’s the deal: most reasonable (and reasonably priced) places in the Tenn or NC mountains have booked up for our weekend. We’ve found one place that seems like it would be great (hotel style rooms, bigger shared bunkbed rooms, separate cabins, big meeting room, separate dining/kitchen room – all together), but they aren’t available 9-11th.

They ARE available July 2nd-4th. We have found in the past that holiday weekends can be good retreat times for people to get away – but I thought that it would be hard to book anything for July 4th weekend.

So, question for you to answer, as soon as you see this: If you were considering coming, would July 2nd-4th work for you? If you were not able to come previously, would this weekend perhaps work for you?

If you don’t answer, I’ll assume either works for you, or that you are not able to make either date. (We’d have to keep looking for a place for the 9th-11th.) One plus of the 4th is that many people have the 5th off, and some of us could stick around and visit longer, Sunday night and Monday.

We hope to make this decision within 72 hours and we will take in to account accommodating the most people, so please respond here ASAP or email you answers to retreats@biblicalfamilies.org.

Thanks!, Nathan


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Debate Question

When I was talking to a friend about polygyny, one of her "proofs" of God’s intentions for monogamy only from the beginning of creation was that God only created one woman and one man, and her further proof was that when Noah was on the ark, he only had one wife, and all his sons only had one wife. To her, this was proof positive that when God "started fresh" with mankind after the flood he intended monogamy only for marriage.

I can reasonably explain why God chose at Creation to use one man and one woman, but I don’t really have an answer for why Noah and his sons each had only one wife.

Anyone have a clue?


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ok , so I am curious as to if people here are attending physical churches. If you do ,do you share in similiar belief about God yet keep quiet about the Polygny?



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question on bondage

I have some questions on the topic of bondage and strongholds. I am interested in getting the thoughts and opinions of my brethern. Can a child of God be held in bondage in regard to any subject and how do "bondage" and "strongholds" relate to one another? I have many questions and concerns but will hold off on the others for nwo. Thanks guys !


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