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Praise Report!

Greetings & Blessings,

Thanks so much to all the Brothers & Sisters in Christ who lifted me in prayer this week! I so appreciate the prayerful support of this community. My biopsy report came back today – I’m cancer free – PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!! :D I do still have pollups that need to be removed, which I will be scheduling my surgery for that soon. Thanks again for all your kind support and encouragement, it means allot! God be with thee, guide thee, protect & bless thee. :)



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Praise: Some things change

I had confronted a pastor some years ago over some terribly bad false teaching (he discreetly called himself infallible while he preached). I had it out, and I thought that was the end of it.

Yesterday I found out that that incident actually sent some pretty major shock waves through the congregation, and had a very large effect on at least one person (and probably more from the sounds of it). I confronted the pastor in his office with just my (then to be) wife there, I made no scene about it, he let out what was said (I don’t know why he did, but it didn’t work in his favour). I was amazed at the effect I actually had, and I got commended by a brother in Christ my wiser and elder as he said he should have done what I did. (a statement that was quite humbling for me)

If only my work on Poly goes so well it would be quite a change. It is humanly impossible that the things I’ve been doing should change hearts, but with God in due season change happens.


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