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Why are rich American men not polygamous?

Why are rich American men not polygamous? I suspect that the divorce laws would make polygamy financially too risky for the rich. About one percent of men in first world countries are rich enough to live on investment income, and if one in ten of these rich men are suitable as responsible polygamous husbands, then we have a potential of one man in a thousand to be polygamous. In the United States, that translates to a potential of 150,000 polygamous households living largely or entirely from investment income.

Men who do not have independent incomes can also be good polygamous husbands, of course, but men with independent incomes are well placed to be polygamous, because they do not need a job to get an income. Men with independent incomes are well placed to be a political force in promoting polygamy.

In all first world societies, we would expect a potential of half a million polygamous households, where the men have independent incomes. Once India and China move up to first world level in the future, that number could triple.


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Ignore the children…

After reading this comment on a blog by Jonathan Turley (the lawyer representing Kody and wives from TLC’s "Sister Wives") I realized just how much we seem to overlook the rearing of the children as an issue in our society as a whole. Usually when polygamy comes up there are two primary things discussed, the licentious nature of any man that would conceive of having more than one wife, and the poor deprived children exposed to such perverted lifestyle.

"J. Wight

I’m a mainstream Mormon and have always been taught to shun even the appearance of condoning the polygamous lifestyle at all costs. I grew up in Oregon but now I live in the same Utah valley as the participants in this show. I’m an involuntarily-divorced father and over the past years I have come to reconsider the notion of polygamy, though I would never leave my church and will never do anything other than sympathize with many polygamous families. I now know polygamous families personally that are decent, down-to-earth, and loving families. The astounding fact everyone seems to miss is the caring, nurturing, and loving parenting that takes place with the children. This lifestyle is probably not for everyone, but if you think that this lifestyle is somehow deficient for the children involved, compared with neighbors and most families,who put their children in daycare for 10 hours a day, then you are simply deluded. No sober or sane perspective of these people, witnessing it first-hand, can come to this conclusion. The caveat here, of course, is that I’m talking about the non-criminal and/or non-abusive polygamous lifestyle. Everyone knows about the crazy and abusive polygamists, who operate and socio-pathologically thrive on the margins of a disenfranchised or outlawed culture–like so many other sociopaths who operate on so many different fringes of the marginalized populations of our societies. Because they can get away with so much on the un-monitored margins, sociopathic personalities will al…


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Happy wives, Happy lives

A modification of the saying Happy wife, Happy life.

Society regards polygamy as disorderly and undesirable, so it is important to present polygamy in as favourable a light as possible.

There are international measures of human well being, & a successful polygamous culture of the future will take pride that their polygamous wives are long lived, in good health, free from harm, & have good access to health & education. Happy wives make polygamy look good.

Preferably, polygamy should seem superior to monogamy. A polygamous household must of necessity have a large income, and a polygamous husband should be clever and of an amiable disposition.

Polygamy is the next step up to an enchanted future.


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Boaz Polygamous

So I was reading Ruth after recently hearing a sermon on the book with my new knowledge about polygamy and suddenly I realized that Boaz was most likely a polygamous! Okay well he could have been divorced or widower as well. What do you guys and girls think? What is the probability he was polygamous?

P.S. I mentioned this to a pastor (who was having a hard time explaining why the other kinsmen redeemer had to much to loose in redeeming her) and is against polygamy and he baulked, and told me not to read between the lines, but that story will be a different thread someday. :)


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