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I get fasting and have tried it in the past. Unfortunately, about 7 hours in, I get sweaty and shaky as my blood sugar drops. Then the headaches start and by about the 10th hour, I am on the verge of passing out. Unless monitored, that will progress into coma. I have been hypoglycemic since childhood. I don’t recover until I’ve consumed a fair portion of both simple (for immediate relief) and complex carbs (to make the relief last). Part of the devolution of man I guess.

Does anyone know a way to get past this?

Dave :?


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Hello from SC

Hello all. SeekingGrace is my wife of 8 years, some of you may know her.
Well anyway she has been telling me about BF for the past few weeks so I
figured I may as well get on here myself. I’m 29 and have been saved for almost
10 years now. I accepted the validity of polygyny basically from the first time I
read through the Bible (again about 10 years ago) but never thought
it would realistically be the case in my life. It seems that God has different
plans though, He has brought our family on quite a journey of enlightenment
In the past few months. I have seen the benefits of this lifestyle to all parties inolved
pretty much from the time our second child was born but never really thought my wife would come to accept it. I have a fairly demanding job, a family and also
a few hobbies so I may not be on here every day as some are, but feel free
to ask me anything you would like and I will answer A.S.A.P.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all.


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Do anti-polygamists, think that modern culture is inferior?

So some anti-polygamists have argued that

Polygamy is okay in the past but not today

So that would mean that people are more capable in the past. Basically their whole argument would make sense if people are not as capable of doing things in modern times than in the past. It is strange to think of that with new modern technologies!

Some possible anti-polygamist arguments

1. It was easier to get food in the past therefor polygamy is acceptable in the past but now unaffordable

2. People were more able to get along with each other in the past, but in today’s culture they would fight.

3. Woman were more obedient and "slave-like" in the past

This argument hints that anti-polygamists have something wrong with their society that it needs to improve to the status of the past when polygamy was allowed. So why not make the cultural improvements toward polygamy!

The third argument is a backhanded way to say in the past women were mistreated therefor polygamy was okay in the past. But those who make such an argument are saying it was okay to mistreat woman in the past…. Otherwise they would have said polygamy was never okay, instead of okay in the past but not the present! Of course women being obedient is admirable not bad!


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