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Phoenix Retreat Nov 2010

Just wanted to say that my husband and I attended the retreat this weekend and really had a great time! We met some wonderful people and learned many things. Mostly it was just awesome for us to (for the first time) be able to have fellowship with others that believe the way we do. We consider ourselves polygamists even though we are not yet practicing. Anyway, it was so nice to be able to get the opportunity to meet others that have the same beliefs and desires; and to truly know that we are not alone! We are really praying that we can manage to become part of a regular group with the others from Arizona, maybe a monthly get together or something, that would be just awesome! Thank you to Nathan and Julie and to Dr. Keith for putting this all together for us!!


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Hello from Ohio


I am new here and am praying that I watch and learn. I am interested in the lifestyle and getting to know others who have lived this for a longtime. I meet some interesting people in Paltalk today who told me about this site and am praying that I grow and get to know others. I am also praying that God blesses me with the joy of family.

Louise aka Liz


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Bearing our brothers burden

No one needs money, people need; food/shelter/clothing. So this thread isn’t for you to ask for money. But it has come to my attention that I have surpluses that others lack. Likewise others have things I lack. It seems silly for so many to go homeless/jobless/alone. When others have a spare couch, some labor they need done, and fellowship. My thought is we should network our surpluses to others needs, win/win, everyone profits.
So in my case I don’t like to work hard, but I have a spare bedroom, and a stocked larder. Perhaps others have some land people can camp on, or a farm that has fields that can be gleaned, or a business that could use a sign waver on the corner, maybe you have extra trailer, or a great deal on sign construction. Whatever your need, or surplus is, post it here, and lets bear one another’s burdens.


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