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Ever feel not good enough?

Okay so I guess today kinda marks a point at which I don’t know if I am strong enough to practice PM. I am feeling like I might not ever be good enough to be a SW because I am very extroverted and some have said that this personality type will not work in PM because of the discretion that is involved in PM. Then again I may just be having a second thought moment and I will be okay in the morning? I just want to know if any other ladies struggle with this feeling?


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What is it really like being a Second?

Okay so I know this post is probably going to be a little different then the norm on the site. However, with that said I want to know other’s experiences being a SW the good, the bad and the ugly. I am pretty new to wanting to actually practice PM even though have believed in it a very long time. I guess I just want to prepare myself for the realities that are going to come along.

I appreciate any input from FW’s as well on how the SW can make the transition easier on the FW?



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Can you see more than one person when looking for a spouse?

So I think polygamy is probably okay but I’m still not quite sure.

I am not necessarily saying that dating/courting is the best way to find a wife. There are other methods like matchmaking, "mail order" bride sites, and arranged marriages.

Sometimes people think it is only okay to talk to one woman about marriage at a time?

If you consider polygamy okay, is it okay to talk to multiple women at the same time who you might consider marrying? Or would women who believe in polygamy still consider it offensive to talk to court or discuss marriage with two women at the same time. Are you expected to only pursue one woman at a time and then after getting your first wife you can pursue one more women?

For instance let’s say you are on a polygamy matrimony site and there is one woman that you are fairly certain she is the one you want to marry the most and she is interested in marrying you, is it okay to talk to the other woman on the site, or do you only talk to her, until you have married her. Then wait until you know you are ready for a second wife, and then look for the second wife.

After you get your first wife, is the process to find a second different. Like are the wive(s) usually okay with you asking another woman out who you have just met right in front of them, because they know you are looking for an extra wife. Or do they consider it flirting because I am quite sure it is still wrong to look at the potential marriage candidate with lust, until you have her as an extra wife? For instance if a woman believes in Monogamy and her husband is at a restaurant and he likes the waiter and asks her phone number the wife will get offended. But if your wife believes in polygamy would she never get offended if you did something like that unless she saw you were lusting after the woman?

Do these questions make sense or do I need to word them better?


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Do anti-polygamists, think that modern culture is inferior?

So some anti-polygamists have argued that

Polygamy is okay in the past but not today

So that would mean that people are more capable in the past. Basically their whole argument would make sense if people are not as capable of doing things in modern times than in the past. It is strange to think of that with new modern technologies!

Some possible anti-polygamist arguments

1. It was easier to get food in the past therefor polygamy is acceptable in the past but now unaffordable

2. People were more able to get along with each other in the past, but in today’s culture they would fight.

3. Woman were more obedient and "slave-like" in the past

This argument hints that anti-polygamists have something wrong with their society that it needs to improve to the status of the past when polygamy was allowed. So why not make the cultural improvements toward polygamy!

The third argument is a backhanded way to say in the past women were mistreated therefor polygamy was okay in the past. But those who make such an argument are saying it was okay to mistreat woman in the past…. Otherwise they would have said polygamy was never okay, instead of okay in the past but not the present! Of course women being obedient is admirable not bad!


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