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Nuts and Bolts: Persecution, Fear, and Outing

I have been following the legal drama of “Sister Wives” and wether or not there will be a prosecution. I have also started watching “Big Love” which I really like and is good drama, at least in the first season so far. This raises a big question in my mind:

Do you live in fear of persecution and/or prosecution for living in PM relationship.

I know that perfect love casts out all fear, etc. So please do not give that answer.


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Nuts and Bolts: Money

One of the things I (we) have been wondering is how do some of the basic things work.

Money: How do you deal with money issues?

Does all the money go into one big pot?
Are there ‘set asides’
Does the money all go like: From each according to their ability to each according to their needs. – – – This may work well in family, bad in government.

Now my experiance is limited . . . to sister wives (seems like a fairly functional family), what I have read here and the first episode of Big Love (HBO may not watch it all and seems somewhat dysfunctional). I see that Big Love tries to deal with it, however it is still fiction.

So let us take the example of three wives:
W1 = An average job, she makes about $10 an hour ($400 a week) — soon to be $310 a week with healthcare rules.
W2 = The homemaker one, she does homeschooling of all the kids keeps the house running, she does all the ‘child care’ while others are at work
W3 = the professional she earns $70K+ a year
H = 40K a year in something

Is there jealousy, or what. I mean in one W3 needs more money — she buys lunches and needs professional clothes. Wereas W1 can wear jeans. How do you figure this out? Without it coming down to everyone gets $500 because it is fair.


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