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Please pray that I can be strengthened by God as we have obtained a new wife. I have been sick for three weeks and our former potential and hubby have worked things out and she is now here.

I am struggling with their relationship greatly! I didn’t think I would as long as I had plenty of time to prepare. unfortunately I have not had that time.


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Prayer needed

Please pray that God will show me what is right concerning my "girlfriend".

My lovely wife is trying to be supportive yet I can tell she is worried. We have been going through allot with this relationship, from rejection to reconciliation ( I pray). This woman is my wife’s best friend and I know it probably hurt her more than me. :( I want to honor God yet show these women how much I love them and be the best leader of my home that God wants me to be! Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing that.

My wife is very supportive and I want her to be happy with this PM and eventhough we both have peace about this being the right path, I struggle with leaving it at the foot of the cross.


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Our oldest daughter Holly is 22 and has gotten herself into one abusive ungodly relastionship after another. She has gotten pregnant twice and miscarried. Now we don’t know where she is. She has been lying to me about where she is for the last few weeks and I’m terrified that she has gotten herself into something horrible. :cry:

Please pray for protection, for devine intervention, and comfort for my worried heart!!!

Thank you


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