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Cool Polygamy T-Shirts and Gifts

Hi Guys and Gals,

Some of you know that my first wife and I have been in "full time" ministry for over 15 years. A year and a half ago, we added my second wife to the family.

Being part of a typical evangelical organization, we have had to keep our family life very private, therefore only a few very trusted folks know about us.

At this point, we have no idea how long we will be able to continue under the pressure that we live under and are looking for alternate forms of ministry as well as alternate forms of income.

Recently I put together some T-shirt designs that we are hoping many Poly families will want to buy.

My family and I only make ten percent off of each sale (because we want to keep the prices low), but we figure if enough folks buy them we can begin to save a bit of money to eat off of on once my current ministry position goes away (which could be just over the horizon) and as we take steps to plant a polygamy friendly fellowship.

Please give the shirts a look and order one if the LORD leads.




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I am ready to start an independent ministry to reach out to the people in my country (Nigeria) and teach the undiluted word of God. I will be leaving my pastoral/priestly duties in the Anglican (Episcopal) church so as not to be distracted from this goal. There are two challenges I am facing and I want you all to pray on them with me. Firstly, my wife is yet to accept that plural marriage is right in this age though she says that the bible accepted for the people of old. This will cause a lot of problem for me in the independent ministry as I cannot count on the total support of my wife when it comes to teaching on marriage. Secondly, I need about $20,000.00 to be able to rent property to use as accommodation and an open clinic for reach-out activities. I presently live in the apartment provided by the church.
Thank you all. Shalom


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