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Where Have All the Men Gone?

. . Found this article online, thought I would drop it here for comment


http://www.shrinkthechurch.com/2010/05/ … -men-gone/



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Why are rich American men not polygamous?

Why are rich American men not polygamous? I suspect that the divorce laws would make polygamy financially too risky for the rich. About one percent of men in first world countries are rich enough to live on investment income, and if one in ten of these rich men are suitable as responsible polygamous husbands, then we have a potential of one man in a thousand to be polygamous. In the United States, that translates to a potential of 150,000 polygamous households living largely or entirely from investment income.

Men who do not have independent incomes can also be good polygamous husbands, of course, but men with independent incomes are well placed to be polygamous, because they do not need a job to get an income. Men with independent incomes are well placed to be a political force in promoting polygamy.

In all first world societies, we would expect a potential of half a million polygamous households, where the men have independent incomes. Once India and China move up to first world level in the future, that number could triple.


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single men

I wasn’t sure which forum to put this under…but, just a quick observation…

I see a myriad of people here, obviously..many married, whether it be monogamous or polygamous, and a lot of single women, but I don’t see many single men. Not necessarily trying to or not trying to *find* one, it was simply an observation. Are there more out there than I realize?


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If Polygamy benefits men and harms women. . .

If Polygamy benefits men and harms women, as is commonly assumed, why do predominantly male legislatures prohibit it? (this is a blog article….see link below)

Many people believe that consenting adults should be free to do as they please, provided they do not cause unacceptable harm to others. The difficult question, of course, is what constitutes unacceptable harm.The traditional argument against plural marriage is that it harms women, particularly young girls who may be coerced into such marriages. It is easy to see how some of these women may be harmed. In a monogamous world, for example, Barb’s first choice might have been to marry Bill, who would also have chosen to marry her.But with plural marriage permissible, Bill might prefer to marry not just Barb but also Nicki and Margene. Barb would then have to choose between two lesser outcomes: a continued search for a monogamous partner or a plural marriage not to her liking. The mere fact that allowing plural marriage may eliminate attractive options for some women does not imply that it imposes unacceptable harm on women generally. Suppose, for example, that if polygamy were legal, 10 percent of adult men would take an average of three wives apiece and all remaining marriages would be monogamous. Among aspiring monogamists, there would then be nine men for every seven women. With an excess of men in the informal market for monogamous partners, the terms of exchange would shift in favor of women. Wives would change fewer diapers, and their parents might even escape paying for weddings. In short, the logic of supply and demand turns the conventional wisdom about plural marriage on its head. If the arrangement harms anyone, the more likely victims are men, not women.

This conclusion is reinforced if we take account of the costly, and mutually offsetting, jockeying for position associated with men’s attempts to win the attention of scarce women.With women in chronically short supply, men would face even more intense…


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Single Ladies…

"Where single women are rare, women marry earlier, researchers reported Aug. 4 in the journal Evolutionary Psychology. The shift may be because the ladies have more men to choose from, while the men have extra motivation to put a ring on it."

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39231835/ns … -behavior/

Should society ever embrace polygyny they will realize that women will always have all the men to choose from… : )

How much you want to bet they never thought of that!?


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Differences in a relationship

Many men and women on here have dated or in a relationship with someone who of course has different viewpoints. My question is how do you keep the fire going without making a negative comment to your spouse about not liking what they like in life.


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A Plurality of Elders to Aid a Troubled Marriage?

About 16 to 17 biblical texts speak to the doctrine of a biblical ecclesiology. The following texts all reference the early church having multiple elders within one geographical assembly of saints:
*Acts 11:30
*Acts 14:23
*Acts 15:4,6
*Acts 15:22-23
*Acts 16:4
*Acts 20:17
*Acts 21:18
*Philippains 1:1
*1Tim. 4:14
*1 Tim. 5:17
*Titus 1:5
*James 5:14
*1 Peter 5:1

In examining the life of Adam, and all of those who have the Adamic nature (which is all of us), I am seeing a pattern. I’ve met many men who are still doing exactly what Adam did.

Adam was not strong enough to say no to Eve. Thus, by his sin he plunged the whole human race into depravity at the moment that he disobeyed God’s command in the garden. In theology we call this the federal and natural headship doctrine (see Romans 5:12). Adam (which in the Hebrew is the name for mankind) represented mankind and inside of Adam was all of mankind to come. He failed to ask for help when approached by Eve in the time of temptation.

I suppose Adam, like any man, struggled with how to tell his closest and ONLY neighbor in love "no". In reality he actually failed to call upon God for strength and thus by his failure he ruined all of us. Of course, we were seminally present in him and had we been there we too would have done the very same thing. If we would have done anything different then surely God would have placed us there.

But I see the pattern of Adam replayed over and over in the lives of men who are married. One man came to me and admitted such. He said to me: "I am afraid of my wife. I’m afraid of loosing her if I stand up to her and do not give her what she wants I just want her to be happy."

I took him to 1 Cor. 7:33 where the Bible says: "But the married man is anxious about worldly things, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided." He read this and saw it as a reality in his own life. Over time he began to lean on the strength of the elders when he had to make a tough decision. He…


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