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Any UK members??

Are there any UK members or do any of you all know of successfu UK poly families that might be interested in meeting us? We need some encouragement and help…some role models that can show us how to negotiate in a society that is rather square in this regard (among others!)


And thank you to all the posters and people who share thir thoughts, reflections, problems and solutions. It is a real inspiration!

the best greetings!



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New fellowship opportunity! Paltalk room

This will be rolled out in the newsletter shortly, along with a bunch of new things for Biblical Families members, but you are welcome to check out it out now.

We now have our very own Paltalk chat room: http://www.paltalk.com/g2/group/1354973395/DisplayGroupDetails.wmt#
(If you don’t have Paltalk installed, you’ll have to do it at this point. And if you don’t have a Paltalk ‘handle’ yet (or even if you do), I’d suggest trying for the same handle you use here – that’ll let us know who you are over there easily.)

Stop by and check it out – You may catch our admin "Biblical Marriage" in the room, or one of the other BF staff members. On Saturday, you’ll get a chance to chat with a bunch of staff and other BF members.

Let us know what you think!



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