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Hi…ready to meet new people! :)

Hey…well my name is Lisa, I’m new of course, and a little bit about me…well I’m 26 years old, from Houston, TX area, I am married, I have a 16 month old baby girl who is my whole world, I was born and raised LDS, from which God and his word are still an important part of my life. I’m not eactly looking to participate in polygamy at the moment, but as LDS I have always been interested in the topic and relize I may one day be called to practice it. I wanna meet some polygamist families though and get to know em. I am on facebook if any of yall are… my facebook address is: http://facebook.com/tweetythomasson so feel free to add me! :) I’m happy to be here! and hope to get to know alot of yall.


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i need advise

My wife of 38 year died from cancer in September. I have been through the grief process and have accepted the reality of the situation. I’m not sure when i should start dateing again. frankly I have met a lot of women that seem ready to go out. Is there a period of time that is acceptable to most people or should it matter? I have a lot of things to share with the right women as my wives. First of all if I am going to go poly how do I meet like minded women. I don’t want to new children,if they have kids fine with me.
Where are these retreats and are they designed to meet of are they for existing families?


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