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No Kids

A lot of folks here seem way younger than my wife and I (50 & 56 respectively). The woman I am considering is also our age (57). There would be no minor children involved. My wife and I have been married 17 years and T, the woman I am thinking about has never been married or had children. I dated her in college (we both believed in and practiced chastity) and I broke off the relationship after I returned from a brief stint in SE Asia in ’72. I came back with my head really messed up and eventually dropped out of school. I reconnected with her recently. One of the things she said to me was that I was the only guy she had ever considered marrying. Wow – that was a pretty heavy load to accept. At this point I’m not even sure if she’d have an interest in getting married and I haven’t ever discussed PM with her. I do know she is a strong Christian. If my first wife and T were in agreement, I would add her to our family in a heartbeat.

I’d like some feedback about whether folks think this would still be within the Biblical purpose behind PM since we would be unlikely to have kids to rear. I have grandkids that I adore, But I’m not sure I’d even want to start raising another infant. :?


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Saskatchewan, Canada

Hello Everyone,

I never know what to say in these introductions. So I’ll start with the basics. My wife and I are from mixed religious backgrounds and been married for 17 years. We married with the understanding that a large family, with more than one wife, was the goal. I was recently engaged, but it seems that minds have been changed and she may not join our family (at least not just yet). My wife and I have at least half a dozen or more children. We live on a small farm and have several farm animals, including milk goats. Our children love goat milk!

I look forward to meeting everyone.


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Barry’s Half Bro Gets Married (Again)

Obama’s half brother in Kenya says he married teen

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101015/ap_ … _brother_1

From the AP
NAIROBI, Kenya – President Barack Obama’s polygamist half brother in Kenya has married a woman who is more than 30 years younger than him.
The 19-year-old’s mother told The Associated Press on Friday she is furious that her daughter quit high school and married the 52-year-old.
Mary Aoko Ouma says her daughter tried to marry Malik Obama two years ago, but the mother says she wouldn’t give permission.
Malik Obama, who is Muslim, has two other wives. Polygamy is legal in Kenya if it falls under religious or cultural traditions.
In an interview broadcast by Kenya’s NTV that was filmed without his knowledge, Malik Obama says he married the 19-year-old but didn’t say when.


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Did they give them a theology exam before getting married?

Do not be unequally yoked comes to mind…etc…etc…you know the arguments for and against…pros and cons…

I think a lot of people marry outside of their religion, but do so out of ignorance at a young age. When I first married in my 20s I considered myself a Christian yet had no clue what it meant to be one. Had I married a woman outside of my religion with firm beliefs in her religion it is likely that she would have swayed me into her religion. In any case if an individual that "knows better" chooses to do it anyway they had better be prepared for issues that they otherwise wouldn’t have to deal with. I would recommend that if an individual wanted to marry someone that didn’t have the same or very similar religious beliefs that it should be discussed considerably before making any permanent plans.

1 Corinthians 6:12 "All things are lawful for me," but not all things are helpful. "All things are lawful for me," but I will not be enslaved by anything.


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Was Jesus Married?


There are theories that He was. Dan Brown made them famous in The Da Vinci Code. Or was it Angels & Demons?

Evangelicals went nuts trying to prove Mr Brown wrong. … not too convincingly, though with great assumed authority.

Since all we truly have to go on is our own deductions and opinions, here’s mine — just for fun.

I think and hope He was. Why? Because Paul claims that He was tempted in all points as I was, yet without sin. Further, that He can sympathize and understand what I’m going through in every area of life. Sorry, but if He wasn’t married, I don’t quite see how that can be! Which leaves me uncovered and vulnerable in a MASSIVE area of my life.

"Oh, but if He was married and had a kid, and an ongoing lineage, that creates problems!" Really? Why? Wasn’t He fully human? Then what He passed on to His rugrats woulda been … human. No better, no worse. *shrug* They get to call Jesus "Daddy"? I get to call Jesus’ Daddy, "Daddy", and Him "Brother".. *’nother shrug*


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Searching for a ‘Sole’ Mate

I haven’t posted in a while. I figured I would wait until I had something to say…..

I saw this article from Focus on the Family, and thought it was pretty good.

Here is the link: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/marriag … _mate.aspx

and the article:

Searching for a ‘Sole’ Mate
by Gary Thomas

Our culture has embraced a rather absurd notion that there is just one person who can, in the words immortalized by Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, "complete us." This is a disastrous mindset with which to approach a lifelong marital decision.

The notion of a "soul mate" is actually pretty ancient. Well over two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato surmised that a perfect human being was tragically split in two, resulting in a race of creatures sentenced to spend the rest of their lives searching for that missing other who can complete them.

The real danger in this line of thinking is that many people mistake a storm of emotion as the identifying mark of their soul mate. How else can you identify "destiny"?

Such individuals marry on an infatuation binge without seriously considering character, compatibility, life goals, family desires, spiritual health, and other important concerns. Then when the music fades and the relationship requires work, one or both partners suddenly discover that they were "mistaken": this person must not be their soul mate after all! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so much work. Next they panic. Their soul mate must still be out there!

Such people can’t get to divorce court fast enough, lest someone steal their "one true soul mate" meant only for them. When we get married for trivial reasons, we tend to seek divorce for trivial reasons.

Good and Bad Choices

In a biblical view, there is not "one right choice" for marriage, but rather good and bad choices. We are encouraged to use wisdom, not destiny, as our guide when choosing a marital partner. There is no indication that God creates "one&quo…


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Health Insurance

How do people who practice polygamy get affordable health insurance and medical treatment for their spouses and children since they are not legally registered as married? Is health insurance actually that important for a married family? I do not know I am not married.


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