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How God introduces PM

The following was written on another thread on which I, being plumbed as an "outie", am not supposed to respond. However I thought it worth a bit of discussion. Ergo, here it be on another thread …

beccablue wrote:Make sure the marriage is stable and the FW is in agreement. God will not (NOT, no matter what anyone tries to tell me) bring a husband to the conviction without also bringing the wife. If the wife is dead set against Plural Marriage, expect nothing but troubles and heartaches.

Sir BumbleBerry and I were sharing a sunny fall afternoon and a pair of lollipops (the big, round, multicolored, flat kind on a stick — just the right size for slinging over his shoulder, as he’s one of the "little people", dontcha know) while sitting on a bench outside the famous bizarre bazaar known as Walgreen’s. (Where ELSE ya gonna find the perfect little people all-month lollipops?) Well, I was sitting on the bench. He was perched on my laptop case. Well, mostly. At one point, he saw L’s Wandering Mind strolling by (for those who may remember the discussions of a year + ago), hopped up to stand on my shoulder, braced himself by firmly grabbing my ear, and let loose with a piercing whistle that sent both of my brain cells skittering into my nasal passage in terror — but I digress… (Did I sneeze? Can’t seem to remember!)

Anyway, i’d written the above quote down. I really liked what Ms Becca had said, though, well, ya know … I wasn’t sure … not too comfortable with part of this part. So, being a humble and teachable sort myself (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it, I tell ya!) I thought I’d run it past himself. He didn’t let me down.

"Sandwich looks nice but the meat’s a bit funny."

I shook my head. Thumped my forehead. The two brain cells fell back into my skull and rolled back to my hairline, one yelling "Hey!" and the other "Ouch!" Please note that they were not, at this point, connecting. In light of th…


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A little encouragement

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this but I’ll put it here anyway. I brought up the subject of poly in a wideranging conversation with a young woman the other night and was surprised when she said she saw the advantages and how it could work. She isn’t a potential for me since my life isn’t settled enough for a wife but I know that many on the forum have wondered about finding a second wife or broaching the subject with ladies. I just thought I’d let you know that it can be done and without instant rejection or social awkwardness.


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Hello all

Hello everyone,
It took a little time to see what this site is all about i am a 32 yo Married man living in Idaho. I have been fighting with the realization that i am poly for several years now.
I am a Christian and have finally come to this after prayer and reading gods word. So i appreciate all the advice and scripture the forum has to offer.


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Ok a little info on family issues

The kids are still in state custody, but we are at least now getting visitations. We finally set up a plan. Basically next month we have to take a mess load of assesments. Then we have to go to some counciling deal with the state on how to check a home for saftey issues. Then go to a parenting class then we can get our kids back. Still a little ways to go, but at least now we have some kind of plan and idea of how and when we will be able to get our children back. Thanks again for all the prayers! We feel truly blessed!


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