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Hello again!

Shalom Kings & Queens of Light! I wanted to reintroduce myself since I have been MIA for over a year. First, I would like to say "thank you" to all who were at the Dallas Retreat in 2008. My husband & I truly enjoyed the fellowship! Second, thank you to all who contribute and coordinate to make this site a success.

At this time, I am married to a polygamist who is practicing monogamy in the DFW Metroplex of the great state of Texas. I am his 4th wife (by revelation), mother of two, sister to few and servant to all. I am striving to be counted amongst the wise and have a deep desire to succeed as a conduit of LIGHT by supplying mankind with truth and knowledge about elevation and transformation to the original state of being.

I would enjoy meeting new people, exchanging elevated thoughts and receiving/being support while navigating through the lies of today in this matrix, we call life.


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I wanna be a Holy Janitor!

*** Warning — Light-hearted Theology Ahead ***

Was talking with one of our members who jokingly mentioned being a church janitor, and gave as a light-hearted reference that she was good, as a child, at collecting the ice-cream wrappers from under the pews. (Wrap your head around THAT one!)

Of course, being me, and decidedly (or delightfully, your choice) WEIRD, that got me thinking …

The kingdom of Heaven is an upside down kingdom. Wanna be great? Be the servant of all. Wanna save your life? Die to self. The wisdom of man is foolishness with God, and vice versa.

So, perhaps the function of a church janitor oughta be to bring IN the (human) trash — the lame, the blind, the clueless, the addicts and hos and drunks and wounded / discarded of every stripe, and bring ’em to Jesus for healing.

I wanna be a Holy Janitor!

** End of CecilSermon ** :lol:


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Site Description: Christianity forum

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