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October 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Winter approaches, and with it so does the two retreats we are looking forward to now. So much else has been going on at Biblical Families recently, including the many new members we have received and people that we have been talking with, as a result of the TLC SisterWives show (you can see the page we added for the online ad we ran here.) We welcome those folks, and invite old and new members alike to let us know how we can serve you – we are available for counseling and advice. Just drop us a note at staff@biblicalfamilies.org, or if you’d like to reach just the ladies ministry, at femina@biblicalfamilies.org .

But the real focus this month is on these retreats. Here’s the skinny for you: if you haven’t attended a Biblical Families retreat, and you have a Biblical view of polygamy, you don’t know what your missing: the chance to learn from others, receive prayer and encouragement from them, and just experience the fellowship that is so lacking for many isolated by the truth of plural marriage.

Our retreats are for everyone – those seeking more info, those uncomfortable with the idea still, those single, married, or very married. If you want more info, see our Retreat page, and send any questions you have to retreats@biblicalfamilies.org.

Here is what is coming up:

Phoenix, AZ Nov 5th-7th Just 2 weeks away! It is not too late to sign up for this retreat – just email now for details. This will be our only retreat on the West Coast for the next 6 months at least. And while we love our East Coast folks (some that we have seen at 5 or 6 retreats now), what is great about the West Coast retreat is getting to meet all new families – we have some we have been waiting a long time to meet at this retreat. Dr. Allen will be present and is planning some special sessions for us. We have a great hotel location in north Phoenix – if you thing you might be interested, let us know now!

Alabama, Dec 31st-Jan 2nd Las…


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New and very anxious

Hello everyone. I’m a wife from down south.

Recently, I wanted to get serious about my relationship with God and started reading through the bible. God gave me such a desire to know His word. However, it seemed like I was reading a book that I had never read at all before!

Things jumped out at me that I was not happy about–like plural marriage. The thoughts plagued me. I cried for days and was anxious and fretful. My husband told me to just keep praying and that maybe God was trying to tell me something. So I kept seeking the Lord and reading. What I was reading made me confused…Jesus teaching a parable about 10 virgins–one groom. David’s life, Solomon’s life….It seemed as though plural marriage was on every page I turned.

I wasn’t seeking any information on this topic AT ALL! I told God that I wanted to know who He was and what he wanted for my life. This is what he has shown me…that I am to share my husband. While I do not feel right going into details, the Lord has shown me some very specific things about what kind of life we are going to have. God’s leading in my husband’s heart has confirmed these things. I am scared to death. This is the opposite of what I have envisioned for my life, but I want God’s will so badly. What He has shown me has truly shaken me to the core of my being. It goes against every thing that I have been taught and what I believed to be true.

I have no idea where to go from here and I am very scared and anxious.
With heartfelt sincerity,


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Prayer for ‘Doc’

If you’ve been on our forums for a while, or if you’ve been on our facebook page, or listened to the radio show, or if you’ve been to a retreat in the last 2 years, you know who ‘Doc’ (DocInFl on the forums) is, and have likely been blessed by him, in one way or another. It’s been great to have him speak at all 2009/2010 retreats so far, and he has been vital to helping Biblical Families grow and stay focused on what God has for us to do. Just recently Doc has felt the renewed calling (a life-long calling, for him) for local ministry, and was laying the foundation for a community-focused church here in Orlando.

Now, it’s our turn to be there for him. Today the doctors confirmed what they’ve suspected for the last week: Doc has advanced non-Hodgkin lymphoma (cancer), and is in for the fight of his life. Doc doesn’t currently have health insurance, but that won’t stop them from starting treatment next week.

We are blessed to have Doc as part of our home-group in Orlando, and we will certainly be doing everything we can for him – we laid hands on and prayed for him Monday night, and will continue to do so.

Please begin praying for his healing, earnestly and continuously. Pray against discouragement and lies the enemy would bring. This battle will likely be a lengthy one. We are praying for the Lord to take full victory over this for Doc, and for Him to be glorified in the process, giving Doc a great testimony in the future.

You may post your notes of encouragement here for Doc, or send him a PM – but don’t expect a quick reply, he’s busy measuring what’s important in his life, and starting down this new road.

If you feel led to do more than pray, or there’s some other way you think you can help, you may email me at nathan@biblicalfamilies.org.

"Lord, hold our beloved brother Doc, your servant, in Your hands, heal him and make him new! Begin the healing work in him even today, and guide the doctors to be one of your instruments. Let the Glory and Honor be unto…


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Growing Together: What is a marriage supposed to look like?

A while back, I had asked what the purpose of marriage is. I guess I am doing a lot of searching within myself lately. Feeling called to Marriage and Family Therapy, gives me a drive to really grasp a deep understanding of things within my own marriage. So, now I propose a question that might seem similar to my last question. What should a marriage look like? I guess I am not asking this in a general way. But I am asking it as is relates to my own marriage.

I know the callings that God has placed on my life. My husband also knows the callings that God has places on his life. As a woman, I know that it is OK to move forward as long as I am not walking from under my husbands covering and going in another direction from my family.

I guess I want to know, if it’s normal for a married couple to be called to two different things. (These things don’t clash with each other. And we support each others callings. They may even merge together one day.) Or should a husband and wife be called to work on the same things together. I feel kind of bad b/c I feel like I get in my husbands way, and drag him down if I try to get too involved in what he is doing. But if I keep my distance, I feel a bit disconnected and maybe he feels like I am not being encouraging or supportive. Basically, I am trying to find the healthy balance of living my own life as an individual and walking out the callings God has for me; while not completely growing apart from my husband and merely becoming his roommate in passing.

I don’t want to be selfish. I would never put anything before my family. But I do want to fully walk out the call that God has on my life without neglecting to be a good help-meet to my husband. I read about the virtuous woman in proverbs 31. She seemed to adore her husband. She seemed to be submissive. Yet she worked very independently from him as she ran the household, did her own business interactions with merchants and made purchases. I am sure she did this under the watchful eye o…


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Help me understand…please

I have questions if anyone would care to answer. If you, the men and women here, would please take time to answer…I am most certain more than just me will grasp a new understanding of this alternative way of life. I mean no disrespect in any form or fashion but the questions I have I am most certain crosses the mind of any monogamous person considering accepting this kind of arrangement into their lives and the lives of their children. If you read my questions and at any time find yourself offended, please look at my ignorance as a product of our current society and narrow mindedness and help me and others who find themselves at this cross-road understand. I am truly sincere and would like to hear from both the men and women and perhaps young adults who were raised in this environment.. Please, lets begin. I met a man who did not reveal he was married in the beginning of the relationship. When I met him I knew he was very possible the man I had waited my whole life for and I fell in love with him. I do not know how long it would have taken him to finally tell me, as he referred to her as ex-wife, but I listened to the things he said and I commented one day "youre still married to that woman arent you?" he confessed he was And that he had lied about his age too. I was totally set back by the fact he was married and felt an extreme amount of sick guilt for loving him as much as I did. He began to give me bits and pieces of their relationship and how much is true I still really dont know BUT he did tune me into this site to read about how this all works. I have become fascinated by all of this but the problems I have understanding fall into the category of whats right and whats fair. His way seemed not quite right to me. I have been on my own since I was a kid. I have a fantastic job that pays well enough that I have no debt. I buy my own vehicles and pay for them, I own my own home, I provide everything for my one child with no help whatsoever. Now, back t…


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The Third and Most Important Fundamental of the Faith: Love

There he was, a president of a College and Seminary, a well known man, a highly respected man, and one revered by many students and faculty members. Yet he stood at a crossroad in his life. His wife was sick and as she grew worse in her condition he opted to retire early to spend his days taking care of her in her sickeness.

Dr. Robert McQuilkin’s wife, Muriel, had been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. As her memory began to fade she would sometimes leave her home and walk barefoot down the road to simply reach Robert at work. The walk would leave her feet bloody at times.

Dr. McQuilkins’s friends urged him to have her placed in a nursing home so he could finish his last eight years and have the needed time in to retire. But he refused. As he stated," Would anyone love her at all there, let alone love her as I do?"

She could not speak in sentences, only words. But she did repeat and say "I love you" to Robert often. After he retired to take care of her full time she continued to decline to where she could not speak. Yet Robert could still see her actions of love. She was content and bubbly with him in the home. He shared in his story saying:

"She still seemd to have affection for me." Robert even added that "I have a home full of love and laughter; many couples with their wits about them don’t have that! Muriel is very lovable–more dear to me now than ever. What more could I ask? When she reaches out to me in the night hours or smiles contentedly and lovingly as she awakes, I thank the Lord for his grace to us and ask him to let me keep her."

Someone once asked, "how do you know that God is really powerful." The man replied: "Because he loves me and has broken the power of sin in my life. Sin is the most powerful force I know of on earth except for the power of God’s love. If he can overcome my sin and love me then no doubt that God is powerful."

The greatest word throughout the OT and NT is the word of …


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What are culturally acceptable things to talk to women about


I realize that all people will inevitably die. Therefor what people call entertainment is boring to me. I am not a "stick in the mud" or "killjoy."

I just find "entertainment" excruciatingly boring. However when I do things that will matter after I die, I do not find it boring but extremely joyful, but other people consider it boring.

The disturbing thing is…… People at the Church should not find secular NON-educational T.V. shows, the latest fashions, fads and trends more interesting than reading the Bible.

I am a very simple person, even though I choose to think about things more deeply than most people I have met face to face, none the less I consider my level of thinking very shallow compared with what it would have been if I were to have lived a more moral life. So I am shocked that people do not usually think more deeply than me. I do not say this out of pride, but humility as counting myself low compared with what God has offered me and expecting that someone else must have done more with what God offered them than I have.

I try to limit my pursuits to religion and academics (trying to develop a proper worldview and then live according to that worldview) and exercise/nutrition (trying to make sure other people will not have to take care of me when I am old, so that I am capable of helping others) and trying to store treasure in heaven by how I interact with people (trying to live a moral life, marry wives and have children (so that I can lead the to the good eternal life) and teach others to live a moral life(so that I can lead the to the good eternal life.)) I could break down living a moral life into more details like ways to help others and things to do and not do, but that is unnecessary.

That is essentially all I am interested in everything other than living a moral life is useless to me when I die.

So essentially all I can think about talking to women about is there views on how to raise a family/marriage life …


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