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September 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Yes, we know it’s only been two weeks since our last newsletter, but there’s too much going on not to fill you in again – and we never promised the newsletter would only be once a month!

‘Deeper with Biblical Families’
Speaking of more frequent communications: We know that many of our members, by virtue of not feeling welcome in local bodies, don’t get the chance to do Bible study with other believers as much as they would like to. (We hope you are into the Word alone and as a family, at least!) We have long desired to provide more opportunities in this regard for our members, as most don’t have access to local groups in their area. Would you be interested in receiving a more frequent devotional message by email from Biblical Families? A chance to dig deeper on a topic from the Word, with one of the pastors and teachers (the authors will vary) associated with Biblical Families? Now is your chance. We won’t assume you want to participate, but if you do, you simply need to drop an email to devotional@biblicalfamilies.org from the email address you would like to receive these messages. (That should also help you avoid a junkmail filter blocking this address – if you email us first.) We are excited by this opportunity to build deeper bonds in the Word with our members – and this will be an interactive opportunity as well: we’ll set up forum threads where you can discuss the messages after they are sent. Sign up and check it out!

‘Family Support’ ministry
As we mentioned last time, If you’ve paid attention on our forums, or at retreats, you’ve seen a definite increase in the number of those with some type of need in the past year: needs for jobs, housing, and more. We are blessed that a number of brothers have recognized the needs among us in this harsh economy, and a number from BF staff and other members have felt lead to follow our Savior’s exhortation to meet the needs of one another. To act on that leading, we a…


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The Laws of the Land

Shalom and Blessings to all in the Lord,

for me the biggest hurdle for accepting biblically based plural marriage was acceptable was coming to grips with the laws of the land verses the laws of God. For example, many conservative scholarly Christians actually admit that there is nothing wrong with a man having more than one wife. However, they default to the concept that believers are obligated to follow the states mandates regarding marriage.

Here is one authors position on the topic. I submit this because I think its interesting that uses the First Century believers as an example:

"The world of outer darkness is a law to itself, and orders it to suit its own notions of right. The Law of Moses allowed a plurality of wives, and divorce, and punished the ‘social evil’ with death. Jesus, who was ‘made under the law,’ did not interfere with the law, but forbade divorce upon any other ground than the wife’s unfaithfulness. The apostle, whose authority he declared equal to his own in teaching the things of the Deity, allowed divorce on another ground, and for the sake of peace to the Christian party. But to carry out this gospel liberty would place a man or woman as a criminal at the bar of Gentile justice and law. Therefore, Peter has said: ‘submit yourself to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake’ provided, of course, that in so doing, his precepts were not transgressed; this apostolic tradition applies also to their ordinances of marriage. They [the world] forbid two contemporary wives, allow divorce on unscriptural grounds, and tolerate the ‘social evil’ to any extent without punishment. Hence a saint, regulated by the word, would have only one wife at a time; he would seek divorce only on scriptural grounds, and avoid the ‘social evil’ as the plague." J Thomas 1866

The biblical passage that the author refers to is found in Romans 13: 1-7

"1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has …


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A matter of Law

In speaking about matters of doctrine in which things themselves have no intrinsic evil, but rather that they can be used or misused, one of my favorite Christian teachers published an article that I found very interesting. One paragraph in particular stood out in that it pointed out that numerous religions have elevated their perceptions of things as evil and therefore justified constituting a law prohibiting such things. The examples were given of groups that prohibit dancing, makeup, and the like. He pointed out what the Apostle Paul taught about eating meat that was sacrificed to idols. The meat in itself is not either good or bad, but that it had been sacrificed to an idol and then sold in the market bothered some and they felt it was wrong to eat it while others feasted on it without concern. It dawned on me that the same thing had happened to marriage, monogamy has been elevated to the status of law where indeed there is no law. It is startling to me that the obvious lack of such a law and the numerous examples in the scriptures of polygyny have somehow been overlooked by the churches, and the truth has been replaced by law which contradicts what is clearly evident in scripture. It dawned on me how what was written in the article actually applied to us and the understanding we have been given. Here is the paragraph I am talking about:

“At the same time, when these adiaphorous matters are elevated into the status of law, and people become convinced that God requires them to follow a certain path, the Bible gives instruction on how we are to be sensitive to them. It is not a matter of Christian liberty to bash or to ridicule those who have these scruples. We are called to be sensitive to them. We are not to offend unnecessarily those referred to in the Bible as weaker brothers. On the other hand, sensitivity to the weaker brother stops at the point where he elevates his sensitivity to become the law or defining rule of Christian behavior.”

Is it just me or d…


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Doctrine trumps law?

A Federal Judge ruled that when a certain practice (in this case abuse) is defined within a religious organization’s doctrine that any such doctrine is beyond the discretion of the courts and therefore a protected practice…

http://jonathanturley.org/2010/08/12/sc … more-25666

Outside of a religious institution this type of activity is clearly illegal and criminal charges would quickly follow, but apparently as long as it is part of a church’s doctrine it is allowed. This begs the question; would this ruling not also apply to Warren Jeffs since he was apparently operating in his official capacity following their church doctrine? Personally I don’t agree with the FLDS doctrine, but my point is that the same case this judge made for not ruling against Scientology could very easily be an argument used by the FLDS or any other "religious" organization for that matter.

The more I look into these kind of things the more it seems to me that we really are a lawless society, and the government simply uses whatever laws it thinks appropriate at the time to persecute whoever they feel like picking on at the moment…


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There was an uprising the other day in one of the kitchen cabinets. A mere plastic cup had the audacity to tell the other cups that he was the most important of all the drinking cups simply because he was reached for more than the others. The argument that ensued contained a lot of complaints lodged against the uppity cup, as well as many other cups stating emphatically that they were the most important cup of all. And then silence broke out when the old tarnished brass goblet cleared his throat and said in a quiet voice, “I am not the greatest, but I am thankful when the master decides to take me out of this cabinet.

Without any humans around to use them, none of those cups mean anything. If a person was to own the house, put all of those cups in there, and then move away never to use them, what good do any of them do? They all serve at the pleasure of those who are in the house. Some will be used to hold cold drinks, while others hot, and even some will hold chemicals and blood. And after everyone gets used, they must all be washed clean.

One definition of stiff necked is sticking ones head up with their nose pushed up in the air to where their head is immovable. Remember something very important and often forgot: we are clay. We are made from the same dirt that covers the earth. When clay becomes hard, it can no longer be used, and so is broken and discarded. It is only when we acknowledge that without the Master Potter we are nothing and we serve at His pleasure, making us no better than any other vessel, that we become pliable in His hands.

“Humble yourselves in the sight of YaHuWaH, and He shall lift you up.” (James 4:10) What good does it do us when we get to do what we want only to be broken and discarded because we became hardened? YaHuWaH prefers to use the lowly donkey instead of the high and mighty prophet riding the donkey, as was the case with Balaam.

James goes on to tell us: “Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh …


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