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Pray for a job soon

Hi All,

I need prayer for a job very soon. I was laid off of a nanny position and so now having no income coming in and bills that I need to pay.It seems like all the jobs here are telling me no you don’t have this or that please pray that I find something that will pay my bils.



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Prayer for Direction and a New Job

Well, I am almost done with school and getting ready to graduate with my BS in Business Management. My goal is Human Resources, but at this point I desire to move to a job with a future and that will use my degree. I have a few irons in the fire and would love it if you all pray for me that God would show me his will for what comes next.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers.



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Thanks for current Job, and prayer for next

First is thanks for the current job that is ending. 3 years ago, almost exactly, God provided this job in direct answer to prayer and attempted fasting at a point when we were down to rice and beans and wondering where the next gallon of drinkable water would come from? (I kept failing to go completely food-free, but did keep trying.) The job was offered for 2 months, but has instead run 3 years and been quite an adventure. I’m intensely grateful.

(No, I don’t work that slow. The client had no realistic idea how long it would take to do what THEY wanted done.)

But it appears to end this week. The client converted onto their new software this past weekend, and this week I’m putting the old software to bed. Then no idea at all WHAT is next, only an intense conviction that the God who provided this job, which was better than the last one, which in turn was better than the previous one … has something GOOD in store! And an eager anticipation to see how it works out!

So drag up your chairs with CindyW and I, say a prayer of thanks and supplication if you don’t mind, and BRING ON THE POPCORN!!! Isn’t being a Christian an ADVENTURE? :D


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