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Overcoming Objections To Plural Marriage: Topic 7

Some adherents of Christian plural marriage use the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25) as a justification by Jesus for the endorsement of polygamy. A few things need to be pointed out:

1. The parable is being used by Jesus to show an example of the end times, not to etablish a doctrine on marriage.
2. The use of a parable as a standard for living would be akin to saying because Jesus said He would come "as a thief in the night," means we should follow that exampleand be thieves ourselves.
3. Most importantly, there is no indication that the ten virgins are marrying the bridegroom, rather, they are part of the wedding party that has been invited to the wedding feast AFTER the wedding.



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Was Jesus Married?


There are theories that He was. Dan Brown made them famous in The Da Vinci Code. Or was it Angels & Demons?

Evangelicals went nuts trying to prove Mr Brown wrong. … not too convincingly, though with great assumed authority.

Since all we truly have to go on is our own deductions and opinions, here’s mine — just for fun.

I think and hope He was. Why? Because Paul claims that He was tempted in all points as I was, yet without sin. Further, that He can sympathize and understand what I’m going through in every area of life. Sorry, but if He wasn’t married, I don’t quite see how that can be! Which leaves me uncovered and vulnerable in a MASSIVE area of my life.

"Oh, but if He was married and had a kid, and an ongoing lineage, that creates problems!" Really? Why? Wasn’t He fully human? Then what He passed on to His rugrats woulda been … human. No better, no worse. *shrug* They get to call Jesus "Daddy"? I get to call Jesus’ Daddy, "Daddy", and Him "Brother".. *’nother shrug*


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