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September 2010 Newsletter

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Yes, we know it’s only been two weeks since our last newsletter, but there’s too much going on not to fill you in again – and we never promised the newsletter would only be once a month!

‘Deeper with Biblical Families’
Speaking of more frequent communications: We know that many of our members, by virtue of not feeling welcome in local bodies, don’t get the chance to do Bible study with other believers as much as they would like to. (We hope you are into the Word alone and as a family, at least!) We have long desired to provide more opportunities in this regard for our members, as most don’t have access to local groups in their area. Would you be interested in receiving a more frequent devotional message by email from Biblical Families? A chance to dig deeper on a topic from the Word, with one of the pastors and teachers (the authors will vary) associated with Biblical Families? Now is your chance. We won’t assume you want to participate, but if you do, you simply need to drop an email to devotional@biblicalfamilies.org from the email address you would like to receive these messages. (That should also help you avoid a junkmail filter blocking this address – if you email us first.) We are excited by this opportunity to build deeper bonds in the Word with our members – and this will be an interactive opportunity as well: we’ll set up forum threads where you can discuss the messages after they are sent. Sign up and check it out!

‘Family Support’ ministry
As we mentioned last time, If you’ve paid attention on our forums, or at retreats, you’ve seen a definite increase in the number of those with some type of need in the past year: needs for jobs, housing, and more. We are blessed that a number of brothers have recognized the needs among us in this harsh economy, and a number from BF staff and other members have felt lead to follow our Savior’s exhortation to meet the needs of one another. To act on that leading, we a…


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A Plurality of Elders to Aid a Troubled Marriage?

About 16 to 17 biblical texts speak to the doctrine of a biblical ecclesiology. The following texts all reference the early church having multiple elders within one geographical assembly of saints:
*Acts 11:30
*Acts 14:23
*Acts 15:4,6
*Acts 15:22-23
*Acts 16:4
*Acts 20:17
*Acts 21:18
*Philippains 1:1
*1Tim. 4:14
*1 Tim. 5:17
*Titus 1:5
*James 5:14
*1 Peter 5:1

In examining the life of Adam, and all of those who have the Adamic nature (which is all of us), I am seeing a pattern. I’ve met many men who are still doing exactly what Adam did.

Adam was not strong enough to say no to Eve. Thus, by his sin he plunged the whole human race into depravity at the moment that he disobeyed God’s command in the garden. In theology we call this the federal and natural headship doctrine (see Romans 5:12). Adam (which in the Hebrew is the name for mankind) represented mankind and inside of Adam was all of mankind to come. He failed to ask for help when approached by Eve in the time of temptation.

I suppose Adam, like any man, struggled with how to tell his closest and ONLY neighbor in love "no". In reality he actually failed to call upon God for strength and thus by his failure he ruined all of us. Of course, we were seminally present in him and had we been there we too would have done the very same thing. If we would have done anything different then surely God would have placed us there.

But I see the pattern of Adam replayed over and over in the lives of men who are married. One man came to me and admitted such. He said to me: "I am afraid of my wife. I’m afraid of loosing her if I stand up to her and do not give her what she wants I just want her to be happy."

I took him to 1 Cor. 7:33 where the Bible says: "But the married man is anxious about worldly things, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided." He read this and saw it as a reality in his own life. Over time he began to lean on the strength of the elders when he had to make a tough decision. He…


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home church?

Blessings ladies! I’m curious how many of you out there worship at home. My husband and first wife are being excommunicated from the LDS because of our family. I’m looking for insight and encouragement! I had mentioned something to hubby last night about Messianic Judaism. Kinda wanting to look into that, too.

Thank you all for your friendship



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The girls left us

The two girls 15&16 that I took in informed me yesterday that they would rather have to sleep with a guy for a place too stay then too have a loving home with rules. It kinda broke my heart as these two are like my children. The 15yr old is also pregnant, so yes this worries me even more. I can not however see my self backing down and letting them do what ever while in my home. So they are supposed to be leaving today. I guess when I get home they will be gone. Yall just pray that they stay at least unharmed and pray that this depression I am feeling goes away. I for some reason feel as if this is my fault. I tried to show all the love I could and teach them that there are better ways to life then the party, like school, true friends and Family! I really wish there was some thing I could say or do. All I could do was hug them kiss them on the forehead and tell them I love them and I will be praying. So if you seen my facebook that’s what that was all about.


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