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Hello again!

Shalom Kings & Queens of Light! I wanted to reintroduce myself since I have been MIA for over a year. First, I would like to say "thank you" to all who were at the Dallas Retreat in 2008. My husband & I truly enjoyed the fellowship! Second, thank you to all who contribute and coordinate to make this site a success.

At this time, I am married to a polygamist who is practicing monogamy in the DFW Metroplex of the great state of Texas. I am his 4th wife (by revelation), mother of two, sister to few and servant to all. I am striving to be counted amongst the wise and have a deep desire to succeed as a conduit of LIGHT by supplying mankind with truth and knowledge about elevation and transformation to the original state of being.

I would enjoy meeting new people, exchanging elevated thoughts and receiving/being support while navigating through the lies of today in this matrix, we call life.


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Hello all

Hello everyone,
It took a little time to see what this site is all about i am a 32 yo Married man living in Idaho. I have been fighting with the realization that i am poly for several years now.
I am a Christian and have finally come to this after prayer and reading gods word. So i appreciate all the advice and scripture the forum has to offer.


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Site Description: Christianity forum

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I’m Cynthia, soon to be moving to south central Texas, I’m a Christain woman that attends the United Methodist church and I am looking forward to learning more about plural marriage. Although I am quiet, generally, I hope to be able to add to topics as they come up.


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Site Description: Christianity forum

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