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Hi ladies,
I have read with interest the other thread on gluttony. I read it from the perspective of someone who has almost always struggled with weight and gluttony. I am not good with moderation you might say! I could do well with some accountability as my weight has recently seen an upswing. If there is anyone in the same boat as me and would like some support, some honesty, perhaps even weekly weigh ins, let me know. Maybe a bit of "competition" would help get us motivated!! I read Scarecrow’s comment on the other thread and found it amusing (and it hit home)……..I don’t want to be the fat a** caboose


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Food gluttony…Proverbs 23:20-21 "Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh: For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags."

Obesity is the greatest preventable cause of death in the world. Should eating be a freedom without responsibility? Is it a sin or a vice? Most people make lasting first impressions quickly. Is it wrong to think someone is overweight when they are (not a trick question)? Is the ability to have self-control in eating a trait that we should seek for ourselves, spouses or potential spouses? Is gluttony genetic? Can it be passed on to children or learned? How does gluttony affect relationships?


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