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Ratio of girls to boys

My wife and I believe in plural marriages. We think it is biblical but also see that the Lord also shows us in other ways. Here is an example of what I mean. I am a 4th grade Sunday school teacher at our church and my wife is my assistant. This past Sunday as we were finishing up, one of the boys had something to say. He was complaining that this new year in elementary school was terrible. He said that there was to many girls in his class. Come to find out that almost all of the boys had the same problem, at this age they think girls are yucky. One particular boy said he had 24 girls to 6 boys. That is 4 girls to every one boy. I just smiled and looked at my wife. We didn’t have to say anything. We knew what each other was thinking. :)


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The girls left us

The two girls 15&16 that I took in informed me yesterday that they would rather have to sleep with a guy for a place too stay then too have a loving home with rules. It kinda broke my heart as these two are like my children. The 15yr old is also pregnant, so yes this worries me even more. I can not however see my self backing down and letting them do what ever while in my home. So they are supposed to be leaving today. I guess when I get home they will be gone. Yall just pray that they stay at least unharmed and pray that this depression I am feeling goes away. I for some reason feel as if this is my fault. I tried to show all the love I could and teach them that there are better ways to life then the party, like school, true friends and Family! I really wish there was some thing I could say or do. All I could do was hug them kiss them on the forehead and tell them I love them and I will be praying. So if you seen my facebook that’s what that was all about.


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